Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.
-H. L. Mencken
Lord Galen
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Equality vs. Discrimination

A lot of people these days seem to have a whole lot of trouble distinguishing between these two concepts. It’s a good thing I’m here to set the record straight and educate all you bastards.

Let’s start off with the first minority that won their equality; women. If a 115 pound woman applied for a job as a jack-hammer operator, the foreman would have to be a fucking moron to hire her! Trouble is, if he doesn’t hire her (or at least, if he gives the true reason for not hiring her), he’s going to get sued for sexist discrimination. Nevermind the fact that this woman is very unlikely to be able to perform the job required… This is a matter of basic common sense here people, not discrimination. Everyone (including medical scientists) knows that men are naturally stronger than women and far better suited to physically demanding labor. This is a scientific FACT! Yet, because of the political hyper-sensitiveness of today’s “modern woman” this fact is ignored. Women have gotten it in their heads that, because they are “equal” this somehow means that they have the same capabilities as men. Sorry, ladies, not true. Civil Equality is the concept of social and political status and recognition being equal. “Women’s Lib” didn’t change the laws of nature. Sorry to have to break that to you dumb skanks. Get a fuckin’ clue!

Moving on…

Let’s talk about blacks now. This one pisses me off a LOT. Fucking “affirmative action.” What’s so damn affirmative about it, anyway? It’s basically a law that says “blacks can’t do shit for themselves, so you crackers have to hand everything to them.” Sorry, but that’s really what the law says, in my opinion. We have laws in place to make sure that minorities get hired (yeah, don’t let me leave anyone out; this applies to all minorities, not just black folks). Affirmative action is a fucking racist law! Black people do NOT need the help of the government to get jobs! I know many black people and they do their jobs quite well WITHOUT Uncle Sam’s patronizing little push for them. Quite frankly, if I were a black person, I would be really fucking pissed off about affirmative action! Well, yeah, it pisses me off now, but it doesn’t directly affect me like it affects blacks. I’m pissed because I see an entire race being told that basically they’re too stupid to get hired unless there’s a law forcing people to have enough minorities working for them.

Odd though, that discrimination and affirmative action bullshit doesn’t seem to work both ways. Years ago, I watched my dad get slowly pushed out of a job he’d held for 13 years. New owners took over the business and these new owners happened to be Mexican. So, very subtly, more and more Mexican employees were brought in and the original employees (both whites and blacks) started getting less and less work until they eventually had to quit and pursue other avenues in order to support their families. I have to wonder just where the fuck the “defenders of racial equality” were when my dad and his long-time co-workers were getting gently shoved out the door so that Hispanic-Americans could take their places. But, alas, my dad is a white male so nobody in the “racial equality” camp really gives a flying fuck about him or his rights. Of course, that could all have been karma though. My dad is a rather racist man himself, so it could just be that his own experience with being discriminated against was poetic justice. Nevertheless, the old adage is true: Two wrongs don’t make a right!

Let’s move on to gays, shall we? Thus far, I haven’t really seen much evidence of homosexuals following this trend. Then again, they don’t exactly need to. If you’re gay, it’s not your employer’s fucking business, so you can easily just let them assume that you’re heterosexual and even if they hate gays, you’ll still get hired. It’s a lot easier for them; other minority groups can’t exactly hide their minority status like gays can.

Let’s hit animal rights last. I read a story several years ago about how a large logging company was nearly put out of business because the forest they were harvesting trees from suddenly fell under the watchful eyes of PETA. As usual, the PETA folks politely wet themselves and threw a fucking tantrum because some damn rare spotted owl or something lived in that forest. You know what, PETA? Fuck the spotted owl! Kill it, cook it, and feed it to the unemployed loggers, you shithole! The “rights” of animals do NOT supercede the rights of human beings EVER! More on this soon…

That’s all I got. Sorry to bitch and run. You get the idea, though. I don’t need to write a fucking 10 page dissertation to call you people idiots, do I?

"Together we stand, divided we fall"
-Pink Floyd, Hey You