Wizard's First Rule: People are stupid. They will believe a lie either because they want it to be true or because they're afraid it's true.
-Terry Goodkind
Lord Galen
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I bet you're expecting me to blast that asshole Slim Shady, aren’t you? Sorry, looks like you’re STILL a fucking moron!

Marshall Mathers is my fucking hero! Well, the closest thing I have to a hero anyway. He’s still a dumbass half the time, but at least he’s got balls. The man gets out there, says whatever the fuck he wants (usually just to piss people off) and catches all kinds of shit for it. Hot damn, that’s cool.

It’s not that I agree with anything he says (well, some things…), it’s more just the fact that he says it. That’s great; we need more people like him. If politicians were like Eminem, we might actually know who to fuckin’ trust. Yeah, he’s an idiot, but at least he fucking tries to say something to people instead of just sitting back like “Well, the world sucks, but I gotta go to work now so fuck it” like the majority of you losers. At least the dude actually says something instead of being one of you mindless drones. Baaaaaaah, you damn sheep!

Vote for Slim Shady in November 2004!

“I guess there’s a little Slim Shady in all of us.”
-Marshall Mathers, “Eminem”