The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it.
-Albert Einstein
Lord Galen
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10 Year Prison Sentence for Having Sex
The following rant is based on this news story

It’s nice to see that people are pissed about this. I have only my usual 3 words to say here: What the fuck! (Ok, you DO know I’ve got more than just that to say, right?).

Lemme get this straight. An 18 year old guy has sex with a 15 year old girl (not rape, but consenting sexual intercourse) and THAT earns him a ten year prison term??? Can anyone in today’s class tell Mr. Galen how incredibly fucked up that is? Put your hand down, dipshit! Of course it’s fucked up! But is it a surprise? Not from the GA court system, it isn’t.

These are the same intelligent people who once charged two teenagers with “fornication.” Yup, that’s right! The kids were the same age and were both older than 16 (the legal age of consent in Georgia), but the government feels that it has a right to control the sexuality of it’s “subjects” (as a matter of fact, the prosecuting attorney was quoted as saying "we have a vested interest in controlling the sexuality of our young people") so the teens were charged with the “crime” of having sex outside of marriage. Look, I can understand the religious viewpoint on how/why it’s wrong to have sex before marriage, but that’s between those two and God. God, being the creator of everything, can stick His nose in anywhere He damn well pleases. However, neither the United States government nor the Georgia state government qualify for status as God (or even a demi-god). They seem to have trouble remembering that lately, though!

I think the last paragraph of that news article speaks volumes as to the real reason young Mr. Dixon is being given so much shit for this. It’s Georgia, what do you expect from a bunch of fucking hick prosecutors on a power trip?! He’s black, the girl is white; enough said, right? Fucking racist cunts! May they all burn long and hot in Hell!

Not much else to say I guess. I’m really fuckin’ pissed here, but this is just so damn stupid that I can’t think of anything to say to prove my point! It’s like trying to argue about why you should drive your car off a cliff! The reasons are OBVIOUS! Same is true with this case. That young man should not have his life ruined (10yrs prison, plus having to register as a sex offender upon release). But then, I guess that’s what them “good ‘ol boys” think should happen to every “nigger” right?

Hey, racist trailer-trash fucks! I gotcha nigga, right here in my pants, bitch! SUCK IT!

Oh and a very special message to the girl’s parents: What’s the matter? Pissed off that a big strong brotha was stickin’ it to your little girl? Awwwww…let’s just throw you a pity party! Think about it for a second. Just imagine his big, strong, black cock ramming in and out of your daughter’s sweet little lily-white pussy while she moans “Oh, Marcus! Oh God Marcus, give it to me harder! Harder! HARDER!” … She probably gave him head too (and you just know she swallowed)! Think about that the next time she kisses you good-night, you racist fuckers! The best ending I can think of for this story (aside from his release and full pardon) is for you to find out that your daughter is pregnant with his kid! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

UPDATE: As reported by CNN in this article, the charges of "aggravated child molestation" against Marcus Dixon have been overturned by the Georgia Supreme Court! However, they did let stand the smaller charge of "statutory rape" which carried a 1 year prison sentence which, as of May (that's NOW, btw), he has already served! Nice to see a little bit of progress rolling forward.

“Racism has no place in Christianity! And if that’s too
liberal for your redneck theology, then hit the door!”

-Pastor John Hagee