If Christ were here, there is one thing he would not be: a Christian.
-Mark Twain
Lord Galen
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Ok, so let's take a look at this situation since it's the incident that started all the "school shootings" hysteria.

We got a couple of guys here who were bullied and kicked around by fucking morons all throughout their school career while being ignored by the faculty and those who could've actually HELPED them.

So, one day these fellas snap and decide it's time to get a little payback. They stock up on weapons and go on a killing spree throughout their school.

You know what I say? Fuckin' good for them! I always thought it was about damn time that this happened. I figured maybe it would open people's eyes to the REAL problems in High Schools across the country. Did it? Fuck no. Instead of addressing the root of the problem, our government addressed one of the by-products.

The problem, bitches and gentlemen, is bullying in our schools. Why the hell is everyone so surpised that two kids who've been oppressed their entire lives suddenly couldn't take it anymore and fought back? Why is everyone so amazed that they chose a violent solution to their problem when the total apathy of the school system made any non-violent solution impossible?

And what the FUCK is up with blaming the parents? Oh, the parents should've known, the parents could've prevented it, blah blah blah! How many of you managed to sneak shit past your parents when you were a teenager? Yeah, in a perfect world parents would always know when their kids are in trouble and be able to prevent bad shit from happening, but we don't live in a perfect world! It is the nature of teenagers to do shit they're not supposed to do and parents can't possibly catch it all!

"But, Galen, it was all right there in plain sight! Nobody could've missed it if they'd bother to look!" Oh, what, you mean their parents actually respected their privacy? They didn't go snooping through the kids' rooms? Well, fuckin' shame on them! No, you stupid twat, the shit wasn't right out in the open! Sure, when the cops got there, everything was right out where it could be seen. Well DUH! They were going on a fucking killing spree, it's not like they had any reason to hide their shit when they left for school that morning, numb-nuts! Do you really think that they didn't hide all their guns and shit before the day in question? If you really believe that, you're a bigger moron than I ever thought! Jeez, put some fuckin' brain cells into this shit, will ya!

So, was the "Trenchcoat Mafia" wrong for what they did? Absolutely; murder never solves any problem, it only brings more. Did they really have another choice? Sure, they could've gone into therapy or some other such bullshit waste of time which would've accomplished precisely DICK in the real world. They'd have still been bullied and jerked around by their peers.

Am I saying that Columbine was a good thing? Yes and no. Yes, because those bullies got what was coming to them and then some. No, because murder was just flat out stupid and going too far. A nice beating would've been nice. They could've singled out the trouble makers, caught their asses alone one by one and preceeded to beat the fuckin' hell out of them with a tire iron! Death wasn't neccesary, but bullies only understand violence so violence was what they needed.

I can just hear the protests now. What about all the innocent people who got hurt or killed? To that I would ask just how much those "innocent" people just stood by and watched while the "Trenchcoat" boys were tormented. As for those who actually were totally and completely innocent... Their deaths are on the heads of the school administration who allowed things to get as far as they did.

How it is that people can blame the fucking parents and NOT the faculty of Columbine High School is beyond me! It was within their power to stop this before it ever got as bad as it did, yet they did NOTHING!

Let me make myself clear though. If you are a teenager reading this and thinking that I'm endorsing the actions of the "Trenchcoat Mafia" then think again! They were fuckin' stupid, plain and simple. Their problems didn't get fixed! Sure, they got their revenge and they "showed us all" but now their in hell getting bullied even worse and fucked up the ass by Jeffrey Dahmer. Yeah, they solved their immediate problem, but in the process they totally fucked themselves over too. I know, I said "good for them" and it sounds like I'm contradicting myself now. No, I'm not (and even if I were, you'd just have to get the fuck over it). I'm saying that I'm fucking GLAD that someone finally did this, cuz it was a long time coming! However, I'm also saying that what they did was just plain stupid and far from the best way to get revenge. Death is permanent. You don't get to go back again after you regret it and say you're sorry.

What it all comes down to is the fact that if the bullying had been stopped in the first place, the Columbine incident would never have happened. But it did happen and that's what those fucking bullies get for being assholes! That being said, the "Trenchcoat" pussies were still idiots who allowed their emotions to rule their intellect and instead of really fixing anything they just fucked everybody over, including the people who actually DID care about them. Way to go, ya fuckin' geniuses!

The school faculty was at fault just as much as the bullies and everyone else. If you're gonna blame the parents, you gotta blame the school too. Period!