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My Child's Bullshit Education
First, let me explain that I don’t actually have any kids (not biologically, at least). However, there are a quite a few children that I care about and am close enough to that I refer to them as “my children.” There is one little girl in particular whom I am incredibly fond of and love dearly that I refer to simply as “my child.” That’s what she is, to me anyway. She may not be my blood, but she is me at that age. She’s my child, and DNA be damned.

Now that the intro is over, here we go. My child is in the 3rd grade now and got lucky enough to wind up with one of the slackest ass teachers I’ve ever seen in my fucking life. If he bothers to come to work at all, he’s almost never in the classroom and even when he is, he’s not teaching anything. He refers to this as “independent learning.” Oh really, jerk-off, just what the fuck are they “learning” anyway? How to do some worksheets over the subject you glanced over for five minutes? Or maybe they’re learning how to do 3 hours of homework so that you can catch them up from all the shit they didn’t do while you sat at home on your sorry ass! Great teaching method ya got there, Socrates!

Her mother, who is a very outspoken woman (worse than me, if ya can believe that shit) has been to the school on many occasions and tried to speak with someone regarding her concerns about this pathetic excuse for a teacher. She has met with indifference on most occasions, outright rudeness on other occasions and just today she met with outrage at the fact that she took matters into her own hands to try doing something when the school system failed at that task. Funny, no one seemed to give a flying fuck that she was pissed about it until she started to cause THEM problems. Now it’s suddenly a big deal. The principal even had the nerve to call my wife into his office this morning to pump her for information.

So, regarding how she took matters into her own hands. It’s very simple. She sent a simple letter home with all of her daughter’s classmates for the attention of their parents. The later stated simply that she had concerns about the teacher and if other parents had concerns as well, they should give her a call.

The principal didn’t take too kindly to that. Nope, not at all. The two of us approached him this afternoon (me as merely a silent witness) and spoke to him about the matter. Everything went fairly nicely until she brought up the fact that he’d called my wife in to speak with her about her. Her exact words were “If you have a problem with me or have something that you’d need to speak to me about, I’d appreciate it if you spoke to me about it instead of going behind my back talking to other people.” His response to this? Can you guess? Was it some witty comeback or a professional smile through gritted teeth with an acerbic remark? Oh no, his response showed me that this man doesn’t know the meaning of the word “professionalism.” He got right up in her face and raised his voice claiming that she was “way off base” by sending those letters home. I wonder if he even noticed that I took a step towards him at that point. Her husband, when he heard about it, was livid. Can you blame him? If some man got up in my wife’s face and raised his voice to her, he might just discover that he’s picking himself up off the ground! He did place a call into the Board of Education though, which was by far a better response than the juvenile things I’d have thought up (slashing his tires, keying his car, egging his house, etc). Considering that he’s my wife’s boss and that he obviously has NO respect for women, I may find myself doing those things yet.

So, welcome to the school where I work! It’s a wonderful place where, if the administration decides they don’t like you or that your concerns for your child are unfounded, they are free to treat you like shit! Even IF she were one of those psycho parents who ALWAYS thinks the school is out to screw their child over, the response she received would still be completely unwarranted and extremely unprofessional!

The moral of the story is this: My child is not getting the education she deserves and any attempt to change that fact has been met with nothing but apathy and anger on the part of the administration. They act as if she has no right to seek better educational conditions for her child! Perhaps they need to re-read the No Child Left Behind act! A parent has EVERY right to use ANY legal means at their disposal to improve their child’s educational conditions. And, despite what the principal stated, it is NOT illegal for a parent to send home a letter to other parents without the principal’s approval. I admit, it is slightly underhanded, but when your child is being jerked around by people who just don’t give a fuck, being “underhanded” is alright in my book! NO sir, it is NOT illegal and if you still claim it is, then I dare you to find the law where it is stated in the official legal codes of Georgia. Even if it is against “board policy” THAT is not the same as being “illegal.” I suggest you get your facts straight.

Didn’t I tell you people that the public school systems sucks ass? My child was home-schooled for the beginning of her school career. When she entered 2nd grade (at age 6) her standardized test scores were on 8th grade level. NOW, after spending a year in the public school system, her latest ITBS scores put her right at 3rd grade level. She is extremely intelligent, but that will all go to waste if she is not challenged to actually USE her brain for something!

My sweet darling child, at age 8, is getting fucked by the system!