Let’s abolish the term 'childish' because adults normally cause the largest problems.
-Adora Svitak
Lord Galen
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Banned by Bess (N2H2) Proxies
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to fuckin’ congratulate me! I’ve officially reached the “big time” as far as offensive sites go. Hehehe… SnipeMe.com has been blocked by a proxy server! Wahoo! Many of you may know of the “Bess” or “N2H2” family of proxies that serve educational institutions (and also the general public). Many thanks to The_Thrawn for e-mailing me a heads up about this. My dear readers, this is truly a happy day for SnipeMe.com.

But, as usual, every white cloud has to have its shitty brown lining. I checked into the reasons why SnipeMe.com had been banned from the Bess proxy network. I discovered that they crawl sites daily and lump them into various categories. Anybody want to guess what category this website falls under, according to the incredibly intelligent folks running N2H2? Adult Content, perhaps? No. Maybe, Vulgarity? Nope. You are really not gonna believe this shit. SnipeMe.com is listed as “Pornography.”


Pornography? Pornography??? Holy shit… I’m really pissed about that, but it is just SO DAMN FUNNY that I can’t stop laughing! I haven’t stopped giggling insanely for the last 20 minutes! It’s official, folks. I’ve finally gone off the deep end and turned SnipeMe.com into a porn site! LMAO! Now you can all say that you visit a free porn site daily! Hey, this might help increase traffic if people find out that I’m a porn site! LOL! Then again, fuck that, I don’t need all the e-mails asking “dude, where’s the hot anal stuff?”

Ok, on to why this pisses me off. Obviously, contrary to what their site states, there is not “human involvement” in the screening and categorization of the sites they block. Any idiot can see that this is not a porn site! Well, ok, apparently not ANY idiot; after all the idiots running Bess can’t tell! What most likely happened is that their automated system hit on words like “sex” and “blow job” and “fuck” throughout this site and decided that this must be a porn site. Or, if there is indeed a human equation involved, this was probably labeled a porn site because I actually advocate that “underage” people should learn about sex (and that they, in fact, have a right to explore their sexuality). Or, maybe it’s because of that Olsen Twins rant where I said that they’re hot and fuckably delicious (well, they ARE).

Whatever the reasons may be, I’d like to give a great big shout-out to all my bitches over at N2H2 who work hard to make sure that young people don’t learn about all these “naughty” things on my site! Hey fellas, FUCK YOU! You want some pornography, guys? Come on over here and lick my balls; there’s your porn, moron!

By the way, I do not have a “rating” META tag in any page on this site. I refuse to restrict access to this site to “adults only.” That is blatant age-based discrimination and a violation of the 1st amendment rights of every young person who may wish to visit this site. Who the fuck am I to tell them that they’re not allowed here? Who the fuck are any of YOU to decide what they can and cannot view? Ageist bastards, that’s what you are! This Youth Rights activist will continue to give you the finger while leaving this site rating free so that it won’t be blocked by “Net Nanny” or any of that other useless bullshit. If you don’t want your kids viewing this site, that’s YOUR problem! I’m not your fucking baby-sitter! This site is what it is and it is YOUR responsibility, not mine, to spy on your kids like the good little Nazis you are and tell them not to fucking come here.

UPDATE (3/1/2004): After several e-mails to the administration of N2H2, this site has now been reclassified as "Profanity." Now, that's more like it!