We've got far too many hung juries and not enough hung defendants.
-Dennis Miller
Lord Galen
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Projecting Your Baggage
This is one of my MAJOR fuckin' peeves. I'm talking about people who project their emotional baggage on everyone else around them. I'm sure you know someone like this (most people do). Doesn't it just piss you off?

These people are created by bad circumstances in their own pasts, but rather than recognizing that these events happened to themselves (and ONLY themselves), they go around on a fuckin' crusade trying to "save" people from shit and seeing demons where none exist.

For my first example, I'm going to steal the popular example that the anti-smokers just LOVE to use. They put somebody on TV to say something fuckin' profound like "My dad died of lung cancer 7 years ago..... I haven't met his replacement." And? Sorry your dad died, bitch, but what the fuck does that have to do with me and everyone else who smokes? Just how in the fucking hell does your dad's death warrant national TV coverage? Is that supposed to guilt me into stopping? Or maybe it's supposed to scare me into stopping? Nope! YOUR dad died, bitch, and it has nothing to do with me or anyone else who smokes. If I die of lung cancer, my kids can be devastated about it, but I damn sure don't want them blaming other people for the choices I made. In short, nobody fucking cares that your dad died. Shut the hell up and stop projecting your fucking emotional baggage on everyone else; it's not our problem!

Here's another example that I'm sure a LOT of men can relate to. Ever date one of those girls who came from an abusive home or just had a close friend who was abused? If you have, then you know where I'm going with this. One day, the two of you get into an argument. Somewhere in the course of this argument, you raise your voice to her. All of a sudden, you're being lectured on how she's not gonna take any abuse from you and how you better back the fuck up and she wants you to leave right now or she's calling the cops. Ever been there? Actually, this doesn't even have to be YOUR girlfriend. It could just be a friend of hers that starts wailing at you for no fucking reason other than her own percieved danger. Look, you stupid bitches, just because your old man used to twitch his eye right before he beat you with a bamboo poll doesn't give you the right to start screeching at us if we twitch our fucking eye! This is the pattern, folks; I shit you not! If a previously abused woman sees ANYTHING in her current boyfriend/husband that just reminds her of what she's suffered in the past, she'll take it out on her boyfriend, GARAUNTEED! You stupid fucking hyper-sensitive bitches need to realize that absolutely NOTHING you've suffered in the past gives you the right to treat people like shit and assume the worst about them. Just shut the fuck up, stop blubbering, and fix me some goddamn dinner before I take this belt off! Hahahaha! Ok, seriously though, if I were to tell a woman like this to shut the fuck up, she most likely WOULD assume that I'm violent towards women. Stupid fucking bitch, just shut up and get out of my face!

Another example. If someone (usually a woman) was molested as a child, you'll often find that they don't trust ANY adults with children. Because of their past and their trauma, they automatically project their bullshit on everyone else and assume that everyone is out to molest their kids. These people see no good in anyone when it comes to children and I can only imagine how their own kids must suffer because of this. Look, you stupid cunt, just because YOUR old man used to finger you at bath time doesn't mean that your husband can't be trusted to walk in the fucking bathroom to get a band-aid while your daughter is taking a bath (that actually happened to a guy I used to know)! Stop projecting your shit on other people! Every child in the world isn't in danger of getting molested just because YOU did!

And, my final example, the racist baggage. This one is quite common. For a lot of racists, if you ask them WHY they hate black people (or whoever) so much, you'll often get a venom-laced sob story about how "some nigger" took their job or about the time that they got mugged by "a bunch of niggers" or some other shitty story. Oh, ok, now I understand; yup that makes total sense now. A black person (or maybe a few black people) did something bad to you, so that makes them all evil, right? Get the fuck over it! So a black dude took your job? Awwww, poor fuckin' you! Hey, dumbass, your WHITE boss gave him that job, dipshit! Or, your WHITE politicians instituted affirmative action which cost you your job. The black guys that mugged you? Oh, they just turned around and used your money to buy cocaine from some of their friends who just happen to be employed by a WHITE drug lord! You investigate bad shit far enough, you'll probably find somebody from every race involved at some level. Don't be a moron.

My point in all of this is that I'm sick and fucking tired of lame ass fucking morons sitting around feeling sorry for themselves, blaming the world for their own personal misfortunes, and then acting like the whole fucking planet owes them something. Hey, Miss molestation victim, guess what? I don't owe you shit just because I happen to be a MAN and it just happened to be a MAN that abused you! No, I don't feel "guilty" about what happened to you, cuz I didn't fuckin' do it, bitch! Jump off my nuts, ya damn stupid cunt!

This goes for all of you! I REFUSE to walk on fucking eggshells for you! Whatever happened to you, no matter how bad it was, is NOT MY PROBLEM! Stop trying to make it my problem, you stupid ass!

Please, just shut the fuck up and get over it already. Nobody's denying that you've suffered. I'm just trying to let you know that nobody fucking cares either - at least, not at long as you're taking it out on all the rest of us who never did jack shit to you! Just deal with it and move on.