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-Mark Twain
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Dope Your Kid, Or Else...
The following rant is based on this news story

Ok, what the fuck.... Let's take a look at the facts in this case. A 12yo boy gets put on Ritalin because he can't sit still in class and is apparently a behavior problem. The Ritalin causes the boy to have a severe loss of appetite and makes it difficult for him to sleep. The effects on the body of not having much food or sleep are not good, especially on the still-developing body of a 12yo boy. So, the boy's father sees this as a problem. His son isn't eating well and is barely sleeping. Since these problems happened to coincide with the time that his son started taking Ritalin, it wasn't hard for him to figure out what the source of these problems was.

What kind of father would leave their child on a drug that's causing HARM to the child? Not this one, obviously. He took his son off Ritalin and, as expected, noticed the boy's appetite returning and his sleep patterns getting better. Hooray for dad!

Then, in steps the teachers. The boy's been fidgeting in class and becoming a behavior problem again. When the teachers discover that he's no longer on Ritalin, they report the father to Social Services. Now, before I go on, I'd just like to say that, working in the public school system, I can attest to the fact that what most teachers see as a "behavior problem" isn't really that much. I've had lots of cases where a child can't sit still or can't shut the hell up and do their work. That doesn't mean those kids are a "behavior problem" though. It just means that they're fuckin' kids, ya dope! Oh no, a child can't sit still in his seat? Holy shit, what a chronic fuckin' medical condition, let's put the little bastard on Ritalin! Puh-lease....

Anyway... So now the dad is in trouble with Social Services and could possibly be charged with child abuse! Um... HELLO! Excuse me - child abuse??? Let's do the math on this, shall we...

   Child is suffering
   Dad fixes the problem
+ Child no longer suffers

   Dad abused child
What the fucking hell is that??? Looks like these middle school teachers need to go back to the first grade - as students! Simple math, bitches, simple fucking math... That shit looks like some of that Orwellian math to me. Y'know, the shit from "1984" where 2+2=5 and all that.

Get a fucking clue you damn morons! This father HELPED his child, he DID NOT abuse him!!! I'd think that common damn sense could show that, but apparently not. I have to try to remember the kind of idiocy we're talking about here.

The whole problems boils down to this: The boy was a little fidgety and occasionally disruptive (my guess) and the teachers didn't like it. The boy gets put on Ritalin and the teachers are happy cuz now he just sits there doped up and not giving anyone a hard time. The boy suffers from the Ritalin and is taken off because his father doesn't want to see his boy suffering. Now, he's a problem again and the teachers don't give a flying fuck about his health, they just want him to sit there and shut the hell up! THAT is what this is really all about, ladies and gentlemen! This is about satisfying the teacher's desire for peace and quiet, NOT about that young man's health! Well, fuck those bitches. I say, leave the boy alone.

This is a chronic problem in our society any way. If a kid "misbehaves" for no particular reason, we'll just throw some pills at him! Hey, look the problem went away now... What's that? Little boys stop fidgeting and talking when you shoot them full of antidepressants? Well NO SHIT, ya fuckin' idiot! Why not just give problem kids a fat blunt to toke on, instead? That'll calm 'em down too! No, we don't do that. And why not? Two words: Side Effects.

Damn hippy soccer moms and their fuckin' therapists and family doctors got so happy when they discovered that they could make little Bobby stop jumping on the bed with a few drugs, they just never thought about what ELSE it might be doing to him! They never fucking cared either.

How about if we talk about the BAD things Ritalin can do? It has a lot of negative side effects and your child is virtually garaunteed to get at least one or two of them. So, if you put your child on Ritalin, it's kinda like playing Russian Roullete, but instead of empty chambers in the gun, your child gets to play with either slightly negative effects or severe problems. If you're thinking about, playing Russian Roullete with your kid's brain, just take a look at what the chambers are loaded with...

• Nervousness
• Insomnia
• Tiredness and grogginess
• Weight loss
• Anorexia
• Decreased appetite
• Severe depression
• Irritability
• Headaches
• Abdominal pain
• Negative mood changes
• Dizziness
• Less sociable attitudes
• Nightmares
• Decreased blood flow to the brain
• Disruption of growth hormone leading to suppression of body & brain development
• Permanent neurological tics including Tourette's syndrome
• Addiction and abuse including withdrawal reactions
• Possible shrinkage or other permanent physical abnormalities in the brain
• Worsening of the very symptoms the drug is supposed to improve
• Tremor
• Heart palpitation
• Hypertension
• Liver problems (a slight risk)
Oh gee, what a surprise. Who'd have ever thought that a psychotropic drug could do all that? Anyone who isn't a fucking dumbass, that's who!

Any doctor or teacher who recommends a child should be put on Ritalin for anything other than extremely destructive (not disruptive) behavior needs to be shot! So what, your kid's a little bastard? Guess what, they can ALL be little shits sometimes, that doesn't mean you go pumping them full of dope, you twat!

Now I'm not saying that Ritalin should NEVER be used at all. I've seen quite a few kids that could benefit from it and quite a few that DO benefit from it. The kids I'm talking about were little lunatics without their Ritalin. Let me give personal examples of what I'm talking about here (I'm not using the kids' real names).

Vince - Vince was a little shit. He frequently had to be picked up from school for having started throwing a fucking fit like you wouldn't believe. He would kick and scream and bite and throw things (all this was done to adults, mind you). You could punish the child for something or tell him to do something and he might or might not do it, but he'd be fine. Then, some tiny and seemingly insignificant little thing would set him off. His main goal was, usually, to get away. He wanted to run and just keep running (and there've been a few times where you'd seen Vince run by and then a few faculty members whiz by after him, lol). Vince was just recently put on Ritalin and we all breathed a sigh of relief and said "Thank God!" He became a much better student. He was able to sit down and do his work and pay attention when he was being taught something. At the end of the year, when his teacher was giving out the awards for her class, Vince got "Most Improved" and he most certainly deserved it.

Christy - Christy is a good student. She sits does her work, pays attention, and gets pretty good grades. She's also on Ritalin. Not long before school ended, her Ritalin ran out and her mom wasn't able to go get more for a few days. The difference in Christy? When she's off Ritalin, she fidgets a lot and can get really bouncy and hyped up if you play with her. Naturally, in class, no one is playing with her, though. So, while she's sitting quiety doing her work or listening to the teacher, she's constantly fidgeting in her seat. That's all. Off Ritalin, she still did her work, still payed attention, and still made pretty good grades. Why the hell that child is even on Ritalin, I'll never understand. She doesn't need it, at all.

Back to the topic at hand though... The case with this 12yo boy sounds to me a lot like my little friend Christy. The Ritalin is a lot more for the benefit of the teachers than for the child.

Drugging your child should never be the first option. Hell, it should be the single most extreme option available! When everything from time-outs to spankings fails to keep your child from being a psychotic little asshole, THEN it might be time to consider something more extreme. Until then, try to keep in mind that you do not have the right to dope your child up for your own selfish fucking convenience!

I hope that man sues the living shit out of the school system. His son was on a drug that was hurting him. If you REALLY care about the welfare of a child, then that's all that matters. The problem is that people don't really care about the child at all and now they're trying to punish this man for doing the right thing.

Here's hoping they all rot in Hell.