Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Lord Galen
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Recently, the website was shut down. Why? Well, you can read the full text of exactly why here [ no longer valid.. read below ]. Please, read the entirety of that page (especially the additional information about why they were shut down). If that gets you a 404, the page is mirrored here on this site.

[ UPDATE: 3/26/2006 - The above link to is no longer valid. As far as I'm aware, the mirror I host here in SnipeMe is the only one anywhere (besides, of course). Please feel free to pass the link around, as is no longer a functioning domain. It is now parked and the minimum required bid to purchase the domain is $98,000 ]

Want the abridged version? Itís simple, advocated sex education for teens and their website didnít agree with the Bush Administrationís Abstinence-only sex education program. The website has been investigated (pointlessly) numerous times for the simple fact that they donít agree with the viewpoints of the current regime!

ATTENTION BUSH ADMINISTRATION: I donít agree with you either. I fucking DARE you to harass me! Come on, you sons of bitches, investigate me! Come on and fuck with me, I want it! I fucking dare you, you sick bastards! SNIPE ME, you bitches!

Ever hear of the 1st Amendment? The right to disagree with the government? The right to say what we want, when we want, how we want, and that right also includes the right to tell George W. Bush and his flunkies to go fuck themselves if they donít like it!

You heard me, Mr. Bush, go fuck yourself!

I donít know what the hell is wrong with the administration of, but THIS webmaster will NOT cave under your Gestapo intimidation tactics. You go right ahead and investigate THIS website, you stupid fucks, and Iíll be sure to have the A.C.L.U. at your doorstep before you can blink!

I live in a country where my right to say whatever the fuck I want is guaranteed and protected. You will not shut ME up!

I have a lot more articles to write now. Iíve got to crank out articles in favor of teens having sex and articles in favor of the widespread availability of condoms for anyone of ANY age and articles against the governmentís abstinence-only bullshit. Thanks for giving me all this shit to write about. If you donít like it, just come and try to do something about it, fuckers!

[ Historical Note: This was the very first rant to appear on SnipeMe. I don't recall the exact date of it, but I believe it to be January 15th, 2004. Thus, that's the day I celebrate SnipeMe's birthday. ]