A person's a person, no matter how small.
-Dr. Suess
Lord Galen
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September 11th
September 11th. What a tragic day in American history. Terrorists hijacked American planes and used them to attack us right here on our on soil. That deserves a quick and decisive response. We had to show the people that they are safe and that no terrorists will get them.

Sounds so nice doesnít it? So noble and wise. Yeah, itís a real shame that our government is completely full of shit! Protect us from terrorists? Give me a fuckiní break! Yeah, youíre protecting us alright, Heir Bush, and doing such a fine job at it that you just keep getting more and more and more power and our freedoms just keep going right down the fucking tube.

What, you people actually thought that anyone wanting to take away our freedoms would do it openly and let you know about it? As they say in the chat rooms, ROFLMAO! Come on, put a little thought behind it.

First we have a president elected in under suspicious circumstances (and the deciding state just happened to be run by his brother). Then, not long after being elected, suddenly a horrible terrorist attack occurs? Thanks to this horrible attack on America, the Bush Administration suddenly has ďgood reasonĒ to create the Office of Homeland Security and start proposing laws that limit our freedoms.

Some of the most restrictive and oppressive laws in U.S. history have been passed since 9/11 and every single one of them has been justified by saying that itís to protect us from terrorists. Really, I only need to give one example. If it isnít enough to scare the shit out of you, nothing else will either. Ever hear of The Patriot Act? Well, maybe I should throw in TIPS just to be sure you get the picture.

If Bush wasnít directly involved in 9/11, he couldíve prevented it. Hell, even if Iím wrong about that, Iíve no doubt that the man was happy as hell about it! Look at all the power and control heís gained from it! All because you fucking sheep sit there and cry ďProtect us, protect us! We donít care if you have to take our freedoms away, just keep us safe from terrorists!Ē Pfft! The only terrorists I see is the Bush Regime and the Office of Fatherland Security. I have never seen evidence supplied by an independent source that linked either Bin Laden or Hussein to the 9/11 attacks, but Iíve damn sure seen some shit that makes me wonder about Bush part II (the sequel with no equal).

Do NOT give up your freedoms in the name of those who died on 9/11!!! That is not what they would have wanted, for their deaths to allow the downfall of our nation.

In November, vote Democrat no matter who the hell is running! Somebody PLEASE get that bastard out of office!