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Western Cowards: The Betrayal of Freedom
By: Grand Admiral Thrawn

After some recently done research, I am getting really, really scared. Things what were once set in stone have shifted, and none for the better. The scary thing is that the people that support this are not seen as the danger that they are to us, to our country and our children.

I'm not talking about Homosexuals, or premarital sex. I'm not talking about the fact that we are getting the shaft when it comes to education. All are important domestic issues. ALL need to be dealt with, but those are quite simply secondary issues, especially when talking about the Federal Government, whose number one reason for existence is to protect Americans. After all, what good is welfare reform if Americans are being blowing up in the streets, murdered, raped and held hostage?

What is causing this? The same thing that allow Hitler to conquer all but a tiny island in Europe, The same thing that cost us our most supportive ally in the middle east (Iran) during the Carter administration, and nearly had us all speaking Russian (or glowing green). A simple word called once called "appeasement" and now called "moral relativism."

Admittedly some areas are gray, how much can we censure free speech and hate speech? Can we force Galen to bath? How do we reform healthcare? HOWEVER THOSE ARE NOT MORAL/HUMANITARIAN ISSUES

It scares me that people can say "We haven't found Weapons of Mass Destruction, they must not have been there. WE WERE LIED TO!"

WHAT THE FUCK? Dude, give me half a million $$$, an aircraft, and a month and I'll hide that aircraft in PA and you well never, ever find it. Better yet, I'll hide it in Iran...er I mean New York, and you'll never even look there because to do so would case another war. The news media has latched onto the weapons of mass destruction not being there because the news media HATES BUSH. If you want I can show you proof that he had them (or maybe you should ask the Kurds. I understand a say once might be helpful) Saddam had years to hide the weapons. We know he had weapons labs on the back of trucks. WE know he had remote controlled aircraft (A violation BTW) We know he was talking with North Korea to get long range Ballistic Missiles. Forget the WMD. Think of what a SCUD would do to the Empire State building, or the British Parliament, or even your local Star Bucks.


Better yet, Forget the weapons of mass destruction. Despite that fact we can prove he had them. Maybe we destroyed most/all of it years ago, after all: we did bomb the hell out of him, even Bill Clinton tossed a few missiles at him. Unlikely, and in any event we can also prove he was trying to make more. But forget all that. Pretend HE NEVER had them.


No one questioned Bill C. Going into other countries for no other reason then Humanitarian. They weren't our allies, there was no benefit for us. One of which even happened right as the whole Monica thing broke out. Now, that is "fishy" at best, but irrelevant to my point. When a democrat wanted to risk AMERICAN lives to help others IN A WAR ZONE, it was ok. When a Republican does it, there have to be "Ulterior motives." First off, why is that wrong? That is like saying people don't go to college to get an education, but to get a better paying job later on in life like it is a bad thing. Having talked to people what served in Operation Enduring Freedom, I can honestly say everyone I have talked to said that, if they could do it all over again, they would. "It was the right thing do to."

Why was it the "Right" thing to do? "American Troops discovered horrific torture chambers in places like Iraq's Military Intelligence Directorate, where a grim paper trail documented decades of atrocities. ' Pictures of dead Iraq's, with their necks slashed, their eyes gouged out and their genitals blackened, fill a bookshelf' Jack Kelley wrote in USA TODAY. 'Jail cells, with dried blood on the floor and shackles bolted to the walls, line the corridors. And the screams of what could be imprisoned men in an underground detention center echo through air shafts and sewer pipes.' By November humans rights officials in Iraq reported the discovery of 250 mass graves dating to Saddam's regime, estimating that they might hold the bodies of hundreds of thousands of executed Iraqis"

I there is no way any sane person can say America was "wrong" about liberating the Iraqis. No one who believes human life is important. No one who believes our national Security is important. No one that believes our sovereignty is important. Some say we should have gotten international/UN support. WE HAVE IT. Japan, Spain, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Poland and some. The free democratic countries of the world are behind us. Is France? no, but the French have a history of both being cowards and a history of supporting tyrants. Guess who had all the Iraqi oil contracts. You guessed it, the French.

It makes me sick how people...especially those running for president can say they regret voting in favor of the war in Iraq. Wait, Kerry does not say that he says something along the lines of not favoring that fact that Bush (without even calling him President like he should, showing total disrespect for our country) took us to war alone, and that he didn't know that was an option. Funny, Senator Kennedy (who is a nut) voted against it, stating that the fact "it authorized military action without the consent of the UN "was one of the reasons he voted against the Operation Enduring Freedom. The Fact that Senator Kennedy wants to surrender our sovereignty to the UN scares me, but AT LEAST he knows what he is voting on. If Senator Kerry can not even find the time as a Senator (which is a busy job) to read a bill of that magnitude, can we trust him to even bother trying to keep up if he became President? That is a busier job by far. But it makes me sick to think that human life means so little to so many Americans. We are by FAR the most compassionate country on earth. American blood can be found spilt, in defense of freedom, fighting evil and oppression, on every contented that supports human life. We send out more money per-person then any other county on Earth. We allow people from every country to become Americans. We improve the standard of living around the world. BUT HUMAN LIFE MEANS SO LITTLE TO US? IS OUR COMPASSION SO HALLOW? Are we so convinced that war is ALWAYS wrong that even if it saves millions of lives, even if it lets people go to bed at night without fearing they won't wake up in the morning. Even if it means men won't be forced to watch their wife & daughters raped? Their sons murdered. OR Just as bad, do some thing that an American life is too important to precious to risk being spent defending the weak and the helpless. That thought, although it would never be admitted to, is very popular in Europe. "It wasn't worth the risk" is what some nations told us before the liberation of Iraq. 25 MILLION people were not worth you committing even a hundred troops? Not even support personal? Did not Neville Chamberlain say the same thing, that trying to contain Nazi Germany wasn't worth the risk of war?

Sources: JACK KELLY, "Iraqis Pour Out Tales of Saddam's Torture Chambers" USA TODAY, April 13 2003 " EXPERT: 300,000 in Iraq's Mass Graves," Associated Press, November 8, 2003 Sean Hannity Deliver us from evil(HarperCollins Publishers Inc. 2004) Amy Fagan, "Bush sidestepped Process on War in Iraq, Kerry says" Washington Times, July 21 2003

"A decline in courage may be the most striking feature
that an outside observer notices in the West today.
The Western world as lost its civic courage, both as
a whole and separately, in each country, in each
government, in each political party, and, of course, in
the United Nations. Such a decline in courage is
particularly noticeable among the ruling and intellectual
elites, causing an impression of a loss of courage by the
entire society."

-Alexandar Solzhenitsyn
Harvard Graduation Ceremony 1978