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By: Cartoon Goddess

Earlier this month, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission targeting the "Spam King" of the late 1990s, Sanford Wallace, for alleged spyware fraud. In the early 1990s, Wallace got his start sending junk faxes, then moved up to email spam. After becoming the most hated man on the internet, he was pretty much driven out of business by lawsuits, death threats. hackers, mail bombs… you know, all that fun stuff.

So since the SPAM thing fell apart, the next best most annoying thing is… pop ups! So he allegedly exploits a hole in Explorer when you visit sites with certain banner ads. A spyware program downloads into your computer and makes mad pop ups all over, takes over your web browser, makes your CD Rom pop open, and slows down or stops your computer's processing power. Of course the program is kind enough to tell you if you buy "Spy Wiper" or "Spy Deleter" for $30 it'll clean up all this mess for you.

Guess who sells "Spy Wiper" and "Spy Deleter"?

That's the part that got the FTC involved and could land Wallace in jail if convicted, not to mention having to give back the money.

Now as for all this "alleged" shit - he's a prick that would send junk faxes and spam and admit it, of course he'd do this pop-ups scam. I know he's gonna get convicted and made an example of because he's the first person the FTC filed against. For what he's done, he deserves it. He's a manipulative, impotent, annoying little fucker who takes advantage of people and only cares about his own wallet, and has been for years.

"Oh but Goddess, how can you be so sure?"

Because he used to be my boyfriend, when I was a sweet naive 17 year old. In fact, I even moved in with him at 18, though I knew by the end of the first day it was a mistake and should have swallowed my pride and gone right back home. Alas, I was stubborn and lived with him for a year and a half. I even helped start the junk faxing business, though I really didn't understand what it was turning into. Believe it or not it started as a mailing list to send new menus and coupons to delivery customers for the restaurant. A couple girls did the domestic address list, I did the corporate. Then it evolved to getting their fax numbers to fax daily specials, then we got other peoples fax numbers, and suddenly there were three computers faxing everyone's shit to everyone. However, he told me since we had a "Call ####### to be removed from our fax list", it was all kosher. All I knew is he didn't put my name as a partner, so when we broke up, I didn't see a dime. In fact, he left me with no car, no job, bank account (closed since he had me write a check for the rent and bounced a check to me to cover it), several hundred dollars of bills (because all the utilities were in my name so he didn't have to pay them from the last apartment we'd had together), and moving back in with my father at 19 for lack of anyplace to live or money to pay for it.

So life is a wheel, and maybe it takes a long time to come around again, but BAM! I think a couple years in prison will show him what it was like for me living with him and being manipulated by him when I was young and trusting. Unfortunately I don't think it will change him one bit, even if he has to give back money he made and do jail time, I'm sure he will be looking to make money any way he can to regain his losses once he gets out.

PS - When I say impotent, I MEAN impotent!

PPS - He is a Gemini. Reason #1 never to date a Gemini.

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