In matters of conscience, the law of majority has no place.
-Mohandas Gandhi
Lord Galen
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Open The Fucking Door
By: Grand Admiral Thrawn

NOTE: When referring to Feminism, I am referring to the modern movement from 1980ish on. The radical male bashing type, not the type of feminism that formed to deal the inequality woman had, but the type that formed to lower all men onto a level somewhere around an illegal immigrant

Maybe that is just me, I am an heart a romantic, and old fashioned. I believe that a guy should open doors for girls. Why? because they shouldn't have to. Because it is flat out the CORRECT way to treat women. Why? Think about all the shit woman deal with that men don't (PMS, child birth, infections that we men can't even DREAM of).

*now, at some point, other people would also list men talking about them like pieces of meat, however girls talk about guys in a much more sexually explicit manor *IN MORE PUBLIC PLACES* than a guy would ever dream, because we would get slapped upside the face

Still, women deal with a lot of shit, and men are not all that understanding (not our fault, but we don't PMS, so we can't understand on a personal level) . Besides it is a great and important part of our society that has been forgotten, and girls do not know how to deal with men that are chivalrous by nature. If you open a door for a woman whom you've never met and likely shall never see again, she is likely to say "thank you" and pass by. Something interning happens when you open a door for a girl you know (even a mild acquaintance) suddenly they become hostile. Things such has "I can do it myself" or "I don't need you help"start spewing from their mouths, not words of thanks. This can be hard for many a male to deal with, and this is why so few men open doors anymore. And many of those are old men fast dieing off.

Why is this? First of all. it isn't the girls fault. Feminists have for years taught our girlfriends (wives) and co-workers that chivalry (simple manners in general) is an object of repression, it is not however. Chivalry emphasized the beauty of a woman, and her skills in many things, lifting her onto a pedestal. Note that it lifted a woman onto a pedestal, no tossing her into the pig trough that the modern feminist has worked so hard to throw us(*men*) into. So little things, opening the door, allowing the woman to go first, walking on whichever side was closer traffic, standing when a woman enters the room (I do this, but only on semi-formal occasions) have been beaten into girls heads as being evil...

But if you really want to impress a girl, DO SO ANYWAY!

Women no longer know how to deal with being treated like women. Even woman of my motherís generation rarely saw it do to the rise of some radical feminists. When you treat a woman like she is supposed to be treated (with respect) she isn't sure what to do. Often she will lash out, and you simply (calmly in a low voice) explain that you hold to a certain set of manners and that you are simply trying to show respect for her. It isn't that she can't open her own door, or pull out her own chair, it is that she should never have to.

This works. It is a great way to impress women and it is something I now do by habit, take a personal example: I went with some of my classmates to a function set up by some members of the state government. It basically a mock state congress, and formal dress was the order of the day. I managed to piss off a large chunk of the group of students I was with (we were reviewing bills currently in the senate, I'm all about small government and cutting spending. Most of these kids have no clue about the government, and thought raising taxes for every little small ass thing was ok) Anyways, session was brought to a close, and lunch was about to be provided. Before it was me and a buddy of mine started talking about some of the bills we had been reviewing (each group reviewed 3, and there were 3 groups). Two girls happened to be standing by (one from his group, another from group 3) and we interjected them into the conversation.

Anyways, we were called to lunch and I asked "may I?" Asking if I could walk with them to lunch and continue our conversation (I would not normally do this, however, it was a semi-formal occasion, AND therefore proper) They didn't understand what I meant so I stated "I was asking if I had your permission to walk with you to lunch." It was granted with her being mildly confused at my asking. We went to the dining room (everything very formal) and I waited for them to be seated. Then they had the nerve to debate if they were going to eat lunch. (NOW this is a pet peeve of mine, skinny girls skipping meals) so I pointed out that I would be unable to eat if the ladies who are far more attractive then I refused to eat. I would feel rather strange, and rude holding a conversation over food when the other party wasn't eating. This convinced them to be sensible and get food. Everything I did confused the hell out of them. From my allowing them ahead of me, to my requests to walk with them. They started to catch on when I moved their chairs and waited for them to sit and by the end of the meal they truly had no idea what to make of me, after all, several of their friends wanted me dead (I did have one death threat) but I seemed the epitome of manners to them. I also know that had I asked I could have gotten their phone numbers (or SN as the case maybe). These were ladies far above what I have any hope of talking to through "conventional" means, they were far more attractive then most women and had decent heads on their shoulders, but I was polite. It sounds strange, but all those corny "romantic" things do work. I don't mean getting a rose and being an asshole. I mean getting a rose and being somewhat polite to boot. Girls will be impressed. Girls that get pissed off are not worth dating anyway, because they will seek to control every little thing in your relationship. (note: my gf won't always let me open the door, but she doesn't object to it if I managed to get their first, with us it is a little 'romantic'/flirting game) IF she has to wash the dishes, help. Hell, if her MOM is washing the dishes, help. Why? Well duh, it impresses parents, and show's youíre a "good person." Yeah, they might not like the 50 or so piercings but at least they know your a decent human because youíre willing to help and don't think only of yourself or getting it on with their daughter. Again, if this pisses your gf off...well, then why are you dating her? If it is just for the sex, then I suppose it is ok, but if it is to have a relationship, then maybe you should consider WHY your dating her.

Lets Review: Being polite is a good way to pick up chicks. *note: this only works if you respect women Your manners MUST be sincere.*

Being polite is funny, because girls ain't used to being treated properly. You get some funny reactions. They never know what to say.

Using manners (look up Chivalry) is the best way to piss off the femi-nazi's that are teaching women that all men and evil. It shows that we can think with something other then our cocks.

It makes women feel safer. The world is a scary place, especially for women. Think about it, have you ever been walking down a city street alone and been a little freaked out? Well, you are a lot stronger then most women and therefore safer. Women have a good reason to be scared (look up the rape statistics sometime) Being polite lesions those fears.

Always open doors for women: let there be no doubt in the sincerity of your manners. If you don't open the door for the 99 year old lady thatís dragging herself along on a walker, then youíre a total ass and should be removed from the gene pool.*note, it can take someone like that about 3 minutes to walk 10 feet, if this makes you late for an important meeting, they'll have to deal with you being late* IF you don't open the door for the 35 year old femi-nazi bitch who is going to yell at you for 15 minutes for opening the door, then youíre a spineless coward.

For hundreds of years men controlled the government and the work place, they supposedly had the power. Women, however; controlled the home and held the moral high ground. IF a woman decided something was unacceptable, that was the end of it, the man made it go away. Women in the 1805 were treated far better than the women of today, and had much more control. A few radical women traded respect for a couple of seats in the senate, and although I have no problem with this, I believe they lost far more then they shall ever gain. When people respect you they listen to you, it is a fact of life. When a woman said something, it was heard. A woman could stop a fight simply be entering a room, now no one cares what a woman thinks. We men can learn from their foolishness however, and take the moral high ground for ourselves. What would happen if it were the men who were polite?

For hundreds of years women were the civilizing force in the world, what would happen if suddenly men remembered all those things that women spent from the fall of Rome to the 1950s teaching us? What if suddenly we held the moral high ground? What if men across America started fallowing a code of Chivalry? What if...

Remember something. There is great forgotten power in manners.

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