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-Thomas Jefferson
Lord Galen
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By: Bud

OK we are all aware of the laws that govern Dr's, lawyers, nurses, and case workers as to what they can say and not say about a client. Well if you are not then let me clarify it for you. You, as the helper are not allowed to say anything the client tells you unless they are in physical harm of hurting themself or another person, or if some one is hurting them or going to hurt them.

Well that is pretty clear right? Wrong. Some people in this field do not understand this and run their big mouth. This is a big problem to me because I am in school to be a counselor and would be pissed if my Dr or case worker were off running their mouth about me. Now there are loop-holes to this as with all other laws. If you do not use the person or persons names it is OK or if you put it in a hypothetical form.

This law also applies to people who are doing an internship, but what do they have to lose if they talk? Nothing! I experienced this not too long ago. Some one I knew was doing an internship an told me client information using the person's name. I knew this person they where talking about and it pissed me off. I mulled it over for a few days and decided I needed to talk to someone about it. I went to this person's adviser and told them what had happened. They took a transcript and told me they would take care of it. Well a few weeks went by and I heard nothing more. I inquired to this adviser as to what happened and they told me they talked to the person about the charges and they denied it. The advisor gave them a verbal warning and that was that. Well this pissed me off even more because they had gotten away with it.

The person who had told me the information went around telling everyone what I had done to them and they were so pissed. The adviser told me there was nothing they could do; it was my word against theirs. Well how the hell did I know so many specifics about the case if they did not tell me? The person the case was about would not tell me, they were too embarrassed to talk about it.

I had such a hard time with this situation because it was a moral decision do I tell or not tell?

What do you guys thing, did I do the proper thing?

“If you do not have anything nice to say,
then do not say anything at all.”

-My Mom