We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes.
-Gene Roddenberry
Lord Galen
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By: Arkam
I have a secret and I want to get off my chest. Itís serious too.

Iíve been in 3 asylums in my life. And Iím only 12 years old. Iím writing to you so you can tell others what its like and to tell parents to just love there kids and help them do what they need to do with out resorting to complete strangers for out side help.

The first time I went into the asylum I was in Iowa. I was hideously violent and had a depression disorder. I couldnít help myself either. But it doesnít mean my parents should have sent me away. They donít know what happens in those asylums. It was the same reason for second and third time too.

The thing about it all is people just donít know what happens there. Iíll tell you the story of first visit to one of those brain washing hell holes. The first day while unpacking another kid comes up and hits me so I turn around and knock the shit out of him. I almost killed the guy and it took them four guards to hold me down long enough to give me a shot in my side. They told me that if I promised to not start fights, attended all my meetings, and take all my happy pills they wouldnít put me in solitary. Of course I gave him the finger. It took me four weeks to brake. Four weeks of no human contact. You know how I felt after? My mind was wasted and was ready to believe what ever they told me. They told me what society wants. They gave me a million pills. And they sent me on my way.

When you send your kids to these places they wonít come back the same. Your son will no longer be your son. I was three different people already. We will see how many more. Give them attention and help them explore other ways of taking out their anger. And more then likely they will just grow out of it.