For a brief but hilarious period [Dance Dance Revolution] was the next big 'Threat To Your Children.' Which should tell you everything you need to know about those stories.
Lord Galen
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Wishing For Ignorance

Dear Galen

The other night I met the most wonderful man. He is several years older than I, but by his looks I would have sworn him 15 years younger than his age. He works out so his body was great to look at and nearly divine to touch. I loved his tattoos especially. We got along very well, but by a few things he said he seemed to have a problem with commitment. I was fine with that though - I just met him and it was too early to expect anything to do with commitment. I wanted to just enjoy him and worry about seeing if he'd be a candidate for boyfriend later on down the line. I spent several hours with him, where he treated me like a goddess - kissing my hand, cuddling, having me take his arm when we walked about the party. I was getting really attatched and he asked me to promise to meet him at this same convention the next year, as well as exchanging phone numbers to meet up halfway beetween our homes to hang out on occasion, which wouldn't be too far.

I knew he had a daughter, so I assumed he was probaby divorced, but when I got home I looked up his profile based on his email. It hadn't been updated in almost 2 years, but it said he was married. I suppose he could have divorced recently, so I asked in the email I sent him was the info current but he only responded to the other parts of the email, not to that part. I'm afraid I will have to ask him flat out if he is married, but I have a sinking feeling that a guy this wonderful - and actually interested in me - must be married.

I really just can't imagine myself as the "other woman" fooling around with a married guy, and part of me wishes I never looked it up so I wouldn't have known and would have blissfully enjoyed his company. I still don''t know for *sure*, but I will have to bring myself to ask eventually before I can feel comfortable spending time with him again. I really enjoyed him and want deperatley to be able to spend more time with him.

-Wishing for Ignorance

Dear Wishing

Ok, serious advice coming here...

Why ya gotta be so down on a brotha like that? Ever hear of giving someone the benefit of the doubt? You said it yourself, his profile is two years old! Why assume the worst? Do you just enjoy torturing yourself or what?

Anyway, let's look at both possibilities, shall we?

First, we'll assume that he IS married like you think. Drop that fucker like a hot potato! In fact, don't just drop him, call his fucking wife and rat on his ass! Sistas gotta stick together, right? Ain't that what you bitches are always chanting?

Now, let's assume he's NOT married. Aren't you gonna feel fuckin' stupid? I mean, c'mon, the guy forgot to reply about whether his damn online profile was up to date and THAT makes him suspicious? Get some counseling, you got some pretty fucked up issues with insecurity goin' on there.

One last thing. Did he or did he not give you his phone number? If he's married and giving his phone number to the woman he hopes to cheat with, that guys gotta be this year's best candidate for the Darwin Award. What a fuckin' moron! Anyway, the fact that you have his number leads me to think that if he IS still married, he's not living with his wife and then that's a WHOLE different ballgame right there. If that's the case, fuck him silly, you little slut.

Ok, one other thing. Have a friend call his house and ask for the "lady of the house" telemarketer style. Hehehe... See if he says "she's not in" or "there is no lady of the house." Good little test.

Have fun!