Wizard's Second Rule: The greatest harm can result from the best intentions.
-Terry Goodkind
Lord Galen
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Sad Poster

Dear Galen

I really like to post on this message board I go to because the people there are really cool. However, the guy who runs the board has become a real megalomaniac and is trying to control all of us. He deletes our posts, tells us what to do, asks us to worship him, requires us to post in exactly the "proper" forum for each topic without deviation, and now he is forcing us to use spellchecker just because we make a few typos here and there.

I really like the other people there, but the Administrator's power trip is really taking some of the joy out of my visits to the site, and some people have even left recently and never came back. I don't know whether to talk to him about how this bothers me or just talk to the other members and see if they want to start our own board without him. Please tell me what to do for I am too stupid to solve my own problems.

-Sad Poster

Dear Sad Pathetic Loser

Oh, suck it up! What the fuck is wrong with you? "Oh, boo hoo, the admin is making my life miserable" Sniff, sniff... Excuse me while I wipe the tear from my eye.

Really, genius, how much control can someone have over you on a message board? I mean seriously, how much of your fun could they really ruin? If it impacts you that much, then might I suggest that you really need to get out more.

And then there's the part that I'm sure you're leaving out. Uh-huh, didn't think I'd discern the rest, did ya? I rather think that you've done your part to be a snotty little bitch too, so maybe the admin just has to crack down on your uppity ass sometimes.

Also, it sounds like you probably have some unresolved sexual issues. I think you really have problems dealing with the fact that you want this admin to devour your flower with his manhood (to put in in romance novel terminology). Maybe you just need a good rogering is all, so you can stop treating the poor admin like shit just because of your issues with ineptness.