Each nation knowing it has the only true religion and the only sane system of government, each despising all the others, each an ass and not suspecting it.
-Mark Twain
Lord Galen
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Reality Check

Dear Galen

I don't post on your message board, but I do read it sometimes. It looks like you pissed everybody off lately. You told a guy to kill himself, said that men should beat women with tire irons and said that adults shouldn't be kept out of the kids section in libraries. Now all your peeps are hounding you hard.

I want a serious answer though. For real. I have a feeling that half the shit you say isn't serious. You're like Eminem or Howard Stern, right? You just say a lot of shit to make people mad but don't really mean any of it?

It just doesn't make sense. You wrote about how men even getting too jealous is bad but then you write about how men should beat women up. That doesn't make sense. You HAVE to be talkin some serious shit here. It can't all be real cuz it controdicts.

My question is are you serious? Am I right about you that you just make a lot of things up and stupid people actually believe that your for real?

-Wanting A Reality Check

Dear Reality Check

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Congratulations! You are officially smarter than the average SnipeMe.com poster! Even though you can't write that well, you still seem to have seen something that others all missed and that is that "Galen" is a character and I'm completely full of shit!

My posters may've noticed that I haven't been posting on the board a lot lately. Well, one reason is that I'm busy working on a serious website, but the other is that I generally stop replying to things once I see that people are taking it seriously.

You also noticed the contradictions! Damn, you're good. Yes, there are quite a few contradictory things on the site. That's intentional. It's supposed to be a little hint that I'm not for real, but what can I say.... Some people just don't take hints so well.

It's kinda funny really. I've got CG and Kaiser questioning my values and Musashi's giving me his "I'm a modern man who respects women" speech, yet they all completely missed the fact that "Lord Galen" is just an asshole and that's all. The character isn't meant to be sensitive or caring or even right half the time! He's meant to make you THINK! Even when he's wrong and way off-base, it still gets your brain working.

So the simple answer is, yes, I'm fake. Just like Eminem and Howard Stern and Maddox and the guys at TshirtHell.com and thousands of others who use the same tired old routine. The reason we all keep using this same ancient routine is because the majority of people STILL DON'T GET IT! So, it still works. People still think and whether or not it makes me the most hated man in this corner of the Internet, it gets people thinking.

No one has ever noticed that Bud never gets pissed about anything I say, even when he disagrees. Putting two and two together must be difficult sometimes.... The guy has known me in real life for 4 years so it's easy for him to see when I'm just being full of shit. Jeez... How would I ever manage to keep a wife or have any friends or a job or anything if I acted like this all the time?! LOL! Well.... I *do* put on my "Lord Galen" persona when people cross me or give me a good reason to treat them like shit, but usually I'm quite a nice guy

So, this has been your requested reality check. The real me is only an asshole when neccesary, while "Galen" is an asshole all the time. Don't expect me to ever break character again. But the question was perfectly timed and I just couldn't resist answering it here for all to see.

You know what the really sad part is? This won't ruin the illusion at all. Everyone will STILL take me seriously the next time I say something completely unholy or unforgiveable! That's why this gig works out so great. Even when you draw people a fucking picture and point out the illusion, they still fall for it every damn time. Hahahaha! Good times, people, good times! :)