Seek the truth, no matter where it lies.
Lord Galen
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Proud American Soldier

Dear Galen

I notice that you never said shit on your site about the shit that going on over in Iraq, except to blame our President for everything that's wrong with the world.

Anyway, since you never say shit about it, then I want to know just what you think about what we're doing in Iraq. It's bad enough that we have to go overseas and leave our wives and children to risk our lives defending sorry ass mother fuckers like you and the people on your site, but then you turn around and use the freedom we fight and die for to say all kinds of shit about us!

And I just bet you're one of those bleeding heart fags who protests the horrible treatment of the Iraqi P.O.W.s while ignoring the fact that their cousins are still over in Iraq KILLING Americans every fucking day! Nobody's bitching about that! You and half of American just sit back running your fucking mouths about our President and the troops being so evil and then you go and defend the supposed "rights" of those god damn sand niggers! I really don't know why I'm even fighting for YOUR rights.

I want a response, you self-rightious son of a bitch!

-A Proud American Soldier

Note: Normally, I wouldn't answer hate mail here since this section is for ADVICE (which our "proud" friend is obviously too stupid to realize), however I thought that since he asked so nicely for a reply that I should give him one :)

Dear P.A.S.

You're right, I don't talk about the war in Iraq much. That's mostly because the entire subject is beneath me, as are you. It's also because this dead horse has been beaten into glue already by every Ranter in the world, both online and off. However, since it's a major issue these days, I guess I'll do you the honor of weighing in on the topic.

The whole thing, in a nutshell, went like this: America sent troops to the middle east. Sadaam and Osama, et al said "get your fuckin' troops out of our country" and the U.S. said "no sir, we police the world and we need to check you out, pal!" The middle eastern leaders said "ok, but we're gonna fuck you up if you stay here" and the U.S. in all its arrogance just laughed and laughed and said "yeah right, whatever...." So, 9/11 happens and now we're all pissed off and wanting to kick some ass when the FACT is that they were just keeping their promise - a promise that our leaders chose to ignore. I hate to burst the bubble of the deluded American people, but if you send your troops to another country and keep them there even after that country has told you to get the fuck out, then you've just committed an act of war.

In other words: If America had just minded their own fucking business in the first place, we wouldn't have this problem. But nooooooooo... Uncle Sam just HAS to play big brother to the whole fucking world. This has been a chronic problem since Korea and it doesn't show any signs of changing.

Aw, poor you. You have a leave your family and go risk your life and blah blah blah blah blah. Hey, asshole, the draft went out a long damn time ago. Nobody fucking told you to go. In fact, I think you should've kept your sorry ass over here with your family like a good husband should! Moron! Don't come crying to me that your glamorous "G.I. Joe" fantasies turned out to be more like something from "Tales From The Crypt." War is a nasty disgusting business, not fuckin' play time, you idiot. What the hell did you think you were signing up for?

Lemme get this other part straight now... You're trying to tell me that I don't deserve my freedoms because I'm not using them in a way that you see fit??? That's called a dictatorship, you twit. Maybe you should be fighting for the other side, if that's how you feel. Look, you jackass, you're not protecting my freedom by invading another country to take revenge for the shit that YOUR COUNTRY started! Don't go prancing around like Billy Joe Badass thinking that YOU, personally, are responsible for maintaining the freedom I have. I have my freedom because a group of men, about 200 years ago, decided to wage war for a JUST cause! I don't have my freedom because of shit that you've done and if you and your peasant-raping pals had stayed the fuck home in the first place, we wouldn't have half the Islamic world threatening our freedom NOW! Asshole!

And as for your wonderful President Bush... he can suck my cock at high noon on national television. He and his family are a worse threat to our freedom than Sadaam ever dreamed of being.

In closing, I'd just like to apologize on behalf of all the bleeding heart "fags" like myself who were actually silly enough to think that two wrongs don't make a right. Damn, what WERE we thinking? One human rights violation is just as good as another, right? I mean, we have you guys over there killing and raping women and children, so we might as well get in on some of the fun too. Thanks for setting me straight... you ignorant douche-bag PILE OF SHIT!

Find something else to be proud of, cock-sucker. You're not doing so well with this.

All My Hate,

This image has neither been proven to be real nor fake, so make up your own mind
Lance Cpl. Ted J. Boudreaux Jr. standing with two Iraqi boys who're holding a sign which reads
"Lcpl Boudreaux killed my dad th(en) he knocked up my sister!"