War is rich old men protecting their property by sending middle class and lower class young men off to die. It always has been.
-George Carlin
Lord Galen
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Hairy Palms

Dear Galen

I am a single person and it has been some time since i got some action, well I masturbate a lot, not a problem, So I finally get some and I can not come. I know you have a vast knowledge of the human anatomy. Is it because I masturbate so much?

-Hairy Palms

Dear Spanky

Note that this is a serious reply.

Yes, actually, that could very well be the reason. It depends a lot on how often you choke the chicken though. Also depends on your sex drive and how active it is.

There are lots of other possible explanations though. You could have performance anxiety (you're trying too hard). Or, you could be going through a period of low testosterone production.

There are a million and one different reasons why this might happen and jacking off too much is only one of them. This happens to every guy sometimes. It's one of those things guys don't like to talk about, y'know like going soft in the middle of fucking. Ouch, yeah, nobody wants to mention that, eh? It's a primitive male ego thing that we somehow think such things make us "less manly" when, in fact, even the manliest man of them all (namely, me) has no control over his own biological functions.

If your body betrays you, don't worry. It happens and it's not likely to happen again anytime soon. If the problem does persist, you should consult your doctor.


Disclaimer: Galen is not a medical doctor and the advice given here should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.