Wizard's Eighth Rule: Deserve victory.
-Terry Goodkind
Lord Galen
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Dog Lover

Dear Galen

I have this little obsession and I think I might need help. See I put peanut butter on my nuts and let my dog lick me off till I come all over his nose. I like the way it feels, but I think it is a bit abnormal. What do you think?

-Dog Lover

Dear Chew Toy

My advice is that sooner or later, your dog is gonna get the brilliant idea to see what the rest of that yummy fruit tastes like. When he bites your nuts right off, don't come crying to me! Dumbass, if he thinks it's food, he's gonna try to eat it!

Be a normal, civilized zoophile like all the rest, damnit! KY Jelly isn't expensive or anything. Buy some and fuck your dog up the ass like a normal person!

Sometimes I really can't believe that I have to EXPLAIN this stuff!

Bemused at your Stupidity,