The people should not pledge allegiance to the government; the government should pledge allegiance to the people.
-Michael Lind
Lord Galen
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Cop Trouble

Dear Galen

This may be more suited for a Guest Rant, but I'd much prefer to hear Galen's comments on the situation. As, I would think most of your readers would.

Here is my issue, plain and simple. Police harassment. At the age of 15, I've had more run-ins with the Boardman Police force than most adults will have in their life time. First it was monthly visits because I play my music too loud, and my neighbor is a psychotic bitch who can hear anything. This has introduced me to what is probably half of the Boardman Police department. Never had I seen the same one twice, so I was safe in saying. "I didn't know their was a noise ordinance." Warning. Okay, it's all good. Then, it went into the occassion visit for domestic violence. My mother's boyfriend is a dick, and we'd scrap. Then the police would get called because of the simple facts that he is a grown man and a literal crackhead. Thats when I started seeing oinkers for the second and third time. This introduced me to another 1/8th of the Boardman Police force. Well, I moved my room into the attic where I can blare my music and the bitch can't hear it.

Then, a friend of mine brings over a pack of firecrackers. We had fun with them. Well, of course, we can't enjoy ourselves without police coming.. Four or five cruisers come. W00t. Guess who called them. My neighbor. Why? She thought we were shooting guns off at her house. coughbullshitcough. Well.. They douse our fire crackers and act ignorant for a while. It was whatever, my mom came home and flipped on em. So they left..:)

I never liked cops, so when I see a cop. I say, "Oink, Oink, Do away with the pork." Of course, when the cops hear this, they look at me dirty. They stare at me, and I stare back. I know this is not a crime, I have the freedom of speech. Do I not?

Well, recently, I was pulled over for not having a light on my bike and almost causing an accident. However, it was almost caused by a car, but whatever. I argued with the cop and was forced to walk home. Fuckin' dick.. But, whatever.

Here comes the point to the story. Last night, I was headed to a movie. Walking because of the bullshit age for driving that I've yet to reach. Anyways.. As we walked, down the road went a pig. I said loudly oink oink do away with the pork. They turned around, and stopped me. They then harassed. me. I knew they had nothing on me, but the asshole stole my hat, and I needed it back. Here's the jist of the story: Link to a post on the NYRA forum

Now, in the blah de blah. They told me about how they were wasting their time stopping me when something serious might have been happening. THEN WHY THE FUCK DID THEY STOP ME?! This seems very much like my not standing for the pledge issue where they made up bullshit about my disturbing the class to try and scare me into doing what they wanted. Their excuse? I was disturbing the streets. My mother has called the chief of police, but he refuses to leave a message when he calls. And she's typically not able to answer the phone.. So, Galen.. What do you think about this joyful situation?

-Cop Trouble

Dear Anti-Pig

Ok dude, look, I understand your frustration here and YES, I do think these guys are probably targetting you unfairly. However, I think it has a lot more to do with your very open attitude about cops than your age or anything else. That's something you need to understand first. I don't think this is about them harrassing a "young guy" or "some punk kid" or anything like that. This is, in my opinion, most likely about the fact that you're a very open cop hater and they want to make you "pay" for that.

Regardless of their reasons, it is still wrong though. If the Chief of Police won't help you, then go over his head. Your mom, as a registered voter, has the right to make an appointment with the Mayor or City Council to discuss a "redress of grievances" against a government body (the police force). This right is garaunteed under the First Amendment.

Also, I gotta say, you're not exactly in the right here yourself. Yes, they're harrassing you and yes it is VERY wrong. But, be honest with yourself, you ARE kinda asking for it. You're being a smart ass little prick toward every cop you see. Cop or not, you can't expect to just shoot your mouth off to someone and not get some form of retribution in return. You seem to think that because you're not actually breaking any laws, that they can't do anything to you. They're human beings first, cops second, my friend. You shoot your smart-ass mouth off to anybody like that and they'll quickly forget about their badge. I know I would :)

You say this all started when your bitchy neighbor complained about your music and the cops showed up to make you turn it down. Well, sorry dude, but most cities DO have a noise ordinance and if you were breaking it, then YOU were in the wrong and the cops were only doing their jobs. Why hate them for doing what they're supposed to do? That shit was your neighbor's fault, not the cops. Hell, don't you think they'd rather be doing something besides telling you to turn your music down? I'm sure they'd much rather be eating a doughnut right about then. However, since it's their job and they got dispatched to that call, they have no choice. They have to do their job or they get fired, period.

Sounds to me like you just have issues with authority. Nothing wrong with that, though! However, on this occasion, you ran into a group of macho tough-guy assholes who have some issues with their authority being challenged. That's where all these problems are coming from.

Look, don't think that because I'm ridin' yer ass about being a prick to cops that I'm "on their side" or something. Far from it. What they did was absolutely 100% WRONG. You need to get your mom to take care of this problem by going as high up in the government as she can to seek retribution, BUT you also need to just learn when to just shut the fuck up. From you letter, it sounds like you like to pick fights with these cops and then come whining when they fight back. Like I said, if you're gonna be a dick, fine be the biggest asshole you can be, but DON'T expect to be able to do it without consequences.