Whether or not God exists is not as important as whether a belief in God exists.
-Daniel Jackson, SG-1
Lord Galen
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Cheater (of tests)

Dear Galen

I have graduation tests coming up and I just KNOW I'm gonna flunk big time. Do you think I should cheat? Plus, I've heard that if you rub lip gloss over scantron sheet, it'll make the machine mark everything correct! I think I should do that and get a GREAT grade!


Dear Cheater

Don't be a fuckin' moron! For Heaven's sake, just grow a brain cell, would ya?!

No, you should NOT cheat on your graduation tests (or any other tests). What's the point, really? You want to get into college or something? Hey, genius, here's a life-lesson in reality for you: If you can't even pass the fucking High School graduation test on your on, the chances are really high that you'll flunk out of college you stupid twat!

You go right ahead and try that dumbass lip gloss move. No, shit-for-brains, it DOESN'T work! Even if it did work, don't you think your teachers will find it awfully suspicious that your stupid ass got a perfect score on a standardized test? If you're so convinced that you'll flunk it on your own merits, then I'm willing to bet that your grades aren't so great and your teachers already know what a fuckin' loser you are.

Do us all a favor and get a GED, ok?

Hating You Eternally,