Notice to School Officials

Several schools maintain a policy of punishing students for content posted online. It is the official standing of that school administrators have no jurisdiction beyond the grounds of the school itself. For this reason, will not under any circumstances release the personal information of posters on the Sniper Forum, commenters on the WordPress blog, nor the information of Guest authors to school officials. In accordance with SnipeMe’s Privacy Policy, no personally identifying information shall be disclosed to any person unless that person is a law enforcement officer bearing a court order for the release of such information.

Furthermore, if the webmaster should at any time become aware of school officials trolling this website in an attempt to gather information about student postings, that school official shall be denied access to the entire domain of

Any student who is being harrassed by their school for content they have placed on should report such harrassment to the webmaster immediately.

Again, to all school officials, does not recognize your authority concerning content posted by your students and the webmaster will not cooperate with you in any way whatsoever.

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