Submission Guidelines

A “Submission” is defined as any Guest Rant, Dear Galen, or General Contact sent to the webmaster of this site via any Official Channel of Communication designated for

An “Official Channel of Communication” is defined as any method of communicating with the webmaster of this site that is connected to this website in any way whatsoever. This includes (but is not limited to), the Contact form, the @SnipeMe twitter account, the Facebook, the SnipeMe Google+ Page, the SnipeMe YouTube account, and any e-mail sent to any account on or

Guest Rant Submissions

Submitting a Guest Rant does not in any way guarantee that your submission will be posted to as a Guest Rant. I, the webmaster of this site, reserve the right to decline posting any submission for any reason whatsoever. For all content that is posted, I reserve the right to remove it at any time and for any reason.

The author of each rant is guaranteed to be given proper credit for his or her work. The author of each rant also has the right to request that his/her work be removed from at any time and for any reason whatsoever. While the author has the right to make this request, the webmaster is under no obligation whatsoever to comply. Once a Guest Rant has been submitted and posted, it is at the sole discretion of the webmaster to remove it if requested to do so. Put simply, most things posted on SnipeMe will STAY on SnipeMe.

Guest Rant submissions are held to a high standard of spelling, grammar, and general writing ability. Mistakes will not be corrected for you; it is the responsibility of the author to perform copyediting before submitting their work. Any rant that does not meet the webmaster’s standards will not be published.

Any Guest Rant submitted anonymously will be attributed to “Anonymous” and will become the sole intellectual property of and its webmaster.

Dear Galen Submissions

Dear Galen letters are intended to be “anonymous” and therefore not linked to any identity, either real or ficticious (such as an Internet pseudonym). This being the case, the author of a Dear Galen Submission does not retain any rights to their letter. Dear Galen letters, regardless of their authors, are the sole property of and the webmaster. Dear Galen letters are even less likely than Guest Rants to be removed from this site. Records of the source of DG letters are not kept and therefore the webmaster has no means of determining if the person requesting a DG removal is really the author. Even if that person can prove that they are the author, they still hold no rights to the Dear Galen letter and may not request its removal.


Any e-mail sent to the webmaster of this domain becomes the property of the webmaster and of The webmaster retains the right to publish any e-mail he sees fit, it its entirety. This includes the content of the e-mail as well as any personally identifying information if the webmaster so chooses. There is no expectation of privacy in any communication via e-mail with the webmaster. Privacy in e-mail communications with the webmaster is granted solely at his discretion. Note that this includes General Contact sent using the form on this site.

Social Media

The Facebook Page, the @SnipeMe twitter account, and all other SnipeMe related social media pages are extensions of this website and are subject to the same rules as e-mail communication. There is no expectation of privacy when communicating with the webmaster via social media.

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