“Sourcing” is defined in this document as the practice of linking to pages on websites other than this one in order to provide information or to back up something stated here. does not often engage in Sourcing for the latter reason (to back up statements made by Lord Galen), but the practice is mostly done for the former reason (to provide information) when commenting on various news articles and such.

On the issue of sourcing, let it be known that this website’s owner does not consider *anything* to be a truly reliable source. Any website, blog, news outlet, etc. is run by human beings and, as such, is just as likely to be completely full of shit as anything else.

For example, if I link to an article on Wikipedia, this is not a statement that I trust Wikipedia to be a reliable and infallable source. It is merely a statement that “Oh look, this website says this. I don’t know if it’s true or not, just that this website says it.” Another example would be linking to which, like Wikipedia, has a history of sometimes being extremely biased and unreliable.

The fact that I have linked to a website other than my own is not an endorsement of that website, nor is it a statement that the sourced website can be trusted. All sources of information (both online and off) should always be viewed from a skeptic’s perspective and those wishing to find the truth of something should investigate a subject thoroughly, using multiple sources, not relying on any single source of information (not even this website) as a primary repository of knowledge and, more importantly, truth.

View all websites with a grain of salt, for they are all equally likely to be completely full of shit. Wikipedia is really no better than Encyclopedia Dramatica, they merely attempt to be. Snopes is really no better than The Straight Dope, they merely think they are. You must make up your own mind about what to trust and what to discard; do not mistake my linking to a particular website as an endorsement of that website, unless I have specifically stated otherwise.

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