Privacy Policy

When you visit this site (or any other website), certain information about you is collected automatically. The information collected is:

Your computer’s unique IP (Internet Protocol) address
Your computer’s OS (Operating System)
Your web browser’s name and version number
Your browser’s referrer information

All of this information is given out freely by your web browser. If you wish this information to remain private, it is YOUR responsibility to prevent the distribution of this information. However, it is the official policy of that the information collected from individuals visiting this site shall remain private and protected from the public at all times. Any information collected by this site shall be released ONLY to law enforcement agencies who provide a written supeona (or other form of court order) requesting such information.

Law enforcement officers or agencies who request private user information without a supeona (or other form of court order) will be refused access to such information. Any private citizen requesting user information shall not be granted such information under any circumstances whatsoever. This includes school administrators and parents who are attempting to punish young people for their use of this site.

As a matter of public record, it must be stated that will, of course, cooperate with all law enforcement entities who present the proper legal documentation (such as a subpoena) requiring that I hand over user information. Thus far, no such request has ever been issued.

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