Copyright and Intellectual Property

For something like this site, it’d be really stupid to actually spend the shitload of money to get a legal copyright. However, there are laws in place which protect the intellectual property of online content, so I suggest you pay attention to all this boring legal talk.

The written content located on this website are the sole intellectual property of the legal owner of this domain name ( and this website’s owner.

This “copyright” (or “notice of intellectual property”) applies to all originally created documents (and the text therein) located on this website as well as any and all subdiretories and/or subdomains.

This “copyright” (or “notice of intellectual property”) does not apply to submissions by guests (“Contributor” postings and the like) nor does it apply to posting on the Sniper Forum, except when such posts are made by the legal owner of this website. Guest postings are the sole intellectual property of whomever wrote them and submitted them to Posts in the Sniper Forum are the sole intellectual property of their individual authors (however, they are subject to editing or deletion by this site’s owner) and may not be reproduced in any form whatsoever without the express written consent of the author(s).

All of the originally created contents of this site are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws, pursuant to U.S. Code Title 17, Chapter 1, § 102. According to U.S. Copyright Law, a registered copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office is not required in order for an originally created work to be protected. All originally created contents are automatically protected by Federal Law the moment they are set in a static form.

Unless content has been expressly stated to have come from another source, any content on this site should be assumed to be the sole intellectual property of the legal owner of this website.

No part of this website, nor any of the contents herein may be reproduced in any form whatsoever without the express written consent of this site’s legal owner. Reproduction of the contents of this website in any form whatsoever is a violation of United States Federal Copyright Law, defined by Title 17 of the U.S. Legal Code, with the exception of Fair Use.

This Copyright notice covers ALL content created by the owner of, including (but not limited to), all written content, all audio content, all video content, all graphical content, and all HTML coding as it is used to create this site’s design (except where coding has been designated within the source code to have come from an outside source), excluding that created by WordPress (on and MyBB (on These software products are protected by their own individual Copyrights which also may not be violated. Please see vendor websites for details.

Non-U.S. citizens, the chances are very high that your country has a treaty with the United States forbidding copyright infringement under U.S. Law. This being the case, United States Copyright Laws apply to you as well.

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