General Disclaimer (ReadMe)

This website is, for all intents and purposes, an entertainment website only. The views, events, opinions, etc. described on this website should be assumed to be complete works of fiction.

The purpose of SnipeMe is to evoke thought from its readers by challenging long-held and deeply ingrained beliefs, concepts, laws, opinions, and societal constructs.. The purpose is not to spread truth or to be in any way truthful. Any amount of truth that may appear on this website is purely incidental. As such, the general formula for creating content on this website is as follows:

1. Galen considers his real opinion on a topic.
2. Galen exaggerates his opinions to the most believable extreme possible that could still be backed up by reason.
3. Galen arranges these hyperbolic opinions in such a way as to evoke outrage, shock, and dismay from anyone who may disagree. Likewise, these opinions are arranged in such a way as to entertain those who either agree with the opinions or those who realize that the opinions are not entirely genuine.

Occasionally, rants are published using only step 3 of that process, containing no hint of reality whatsoever, and with only the intent of provoking anger.

It must be understood that is a “shock site” and a work of artistic talent, not reality.

While many rants do contain the true opinions of the Webmaster, they are written in such a way as to prevent the reader being able to know which opinion is real and which is merely Galen’s attempt to “push your buttons.”

In short, anyone who takes this site seriously and actually gets upset over it is a fool. This site is the webmaster’s contribution to online entertainment, as well as a medium for the webmaster to “vent” frustrations by playing a mean, hateful, and arrogant character.

Furthermore, “Lord Galen” is a character, not a real person. This character is designed to be the height of arrogance, egotism, and unwarranted self-importance. The character is, frankly, insane. Like the site as a whole, its main character should also not be taken seriously.

It must be stressed, again, that anyone who takes this site at face value is an idiot. Learn how to work, kids.

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