Congratulations to Biden and to America!

I don’t say much these days, though I know that some of you are still paying attention, but I’m crawling back out from under this rock to congratulate President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

Is this a good thing? Well, I mean, it’s tough to get worse than having a blow-hard reality TV star as your incompetent President, but don’t think it’s not possible. Those on the Left often fail to see the problems that Left-wing politics has, but there are most definitely problems, many of them just as bad as the problems on the Right. If you don’t know that, then hello, I’m Doctor Galen and I’m here to inform you of your mental retardation diagnosis; congrats to you too.

Now, I’m not going all “both sides are the same!” Not at all. Both sides are NOT the same, but both sides ARE bad. Like, really bad. The thing is, they’re bad in different ways and I usually prefer the bad that comes from the Left over that of the Right, although in recent years it’s become closer to being an even mix.

Regardless, I think we’ve all had just about enough of the Right’s badness. One positive of the Left is that they still have the dignity and shame to fucking HIDE what they’re doing and not just go balls-out “we’re evil fuckbags and we don’t care who knows and, oh by the way, you’re still going to support us, because you’re our bitches and you like it that way.” The Right has gotten, as they say in the south, “Too big for their breeches.” It’s time for the Left to step in again and tip the scales in the other direction.

Even though I don’t like Biden or Harris personally, that’s irrelevant. When choosing a President, you are interviewing a potential employee to work for you. I don’t have to like anyone I hire as long as I think they’ll be competent and reliable. I do think that of Biden (mostly). So, my sincerest and most genuine congratulations go out President-Elect Biden on his victory!

And, by the same token, even though I despise Trump, I still recognize that he is a human being. A shitty one, but human nonetheless. So, my sincerest and most heartfelt condolences go out to Donald Trump and all of his very-upset supporters. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of him.

And, for the record, I voted in this election for the first time in 20 years. When I saw that Georgia would be a swing state, I knew that my vote might actually count for once. And as close as Georgia’s race was, it fucking did count! I voted Biden for President and chose the Libertarian candidate for everything else.

Good luck to us all over the next few years. I wish nothing but the best for the Biden Administration, because hoping for a President to fail (no matter which side they’re on) is hoping for your country to turn to shit and that’s just fucking dumb.