Update 2019

So here it is, probably the only post I’ll make this year. Just here to remind everyone that I haven’t disappeared, I haven’t given up on SnipeMe, and that I will be back.

But for now, things stand as they stood last time. I am the god of Common Sense, which makes me on hiatus around the planet these days. You might think that, being a god, I could do something about this. Sadly, that isn’t my place. You see, all you little people have that wonderful little “free will” thing going on. It’s great and all, but it does cause these periods of shittiness. Stepping in to fix you all isn’t being a god, it’s being an enabler. What will you ever learn if I just fix everything for you?

Thankfully, I do have a larger view. This is just a blip. Yeah, the world is going insane, but it does tend to do that. The ship will right itself in time. Of course, climate change is a real thing and humanity IS slowly committing suicide, so maybe it won’t get fixed in time. Then we’ll all be dead and none of these problems will exist. Probably the best outcome one could hope for, honestly.

Since I know that you’re all terribly eager to hear about my little life, here’s your update:

When I last posted in December, I was the Assistant Manager of an Adult Store that I’ve been working at since 2015. My Manager at the time managed to get himself transferred back to his home town and take over as the Manager there. What that meant for me was that, in just 3 and a half years, I managed to climb all the way up the ladder. I’m now the Manager of a small business. Quite an interesting experience. I usually love it, but there are days that suck ass.

My son is now in the 3rd grade and is about to turn 9. He’s crazy as fuck, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My knee is better now. I did end up needing surgery and physical therapy due to it having been immobilized for 6 months. If you think you know what pain is, ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to imagine what it must have felt like to come out of surgery and have a therapist grab your leg – that hasn’t moved in half a year – and bend it all the way back. That (and the other times it was done during therapy) absolutely redefined the meaning of pain for me. I’ve broken bones, nearly lost a finger, suffered cluster headaches and migraines, and experienced lots of other painful things, but that fucking knee…. I yelled like it was a horror movie. Legit, that shit you hear when people are being tortured, because I WAS being tortured. It was necessary, but that didn’t make it good. I was honestly terrified to go to PT each day. I considered just not going. Hell, I even spent a good few minutes contemplating suicide just to avoid having to go through that again. But, of course I faced my fear and kept going, because I’m not a fucking little bitch. It’ll be another 7 or 8 months before my knee is somewhat normal again. I still have to think about every step I take and every move I make.

My hobbies are still GTA Online and podcasts.

And that’s my update. Still alive and kicking (well, no, not kicking very well, actually). I’ll check in with you all sometime in 2020, probably. Assuming we haven’t destroyed ourselves by then, of course. Otherwise, if there’s an afterlife, I’ll see you there. But there isn’t, so bye.