White Nationalism Is Just Plain Nationalism

Before we really jump into this, let’s define our terms so that no one is confused. I say this because it’s very easy to get mixed up between White Nationalism and White Supremacy. Believe it or not, those are actually two different things and it’s even possible for someone to belong to one group without belonging to the other. So let’s be clear what we’re talking about.

White Supremacy is the belief that Caucasians are superior to other ethnicities. White Supremacists hold that blacks, latinos, arabs, asians, etc. are all inferior to the “white race.” In many such circles, there also tends to be the added religious component that the white race is “God’s chosen race” (nevermind that the Bible specifically says that the Jews – whom White Supremacists hate – are God’s chosen people).

White Nationalism is the belief that white people deserve to have their own country, basically. For example, “Japanese” is a designation for both a race and a nationality. People of that race have their own country. White Nationalists believe that should be the case for not only white people, but for all races.

Now, as I mentioned, these two groups often go hand-in-hand, but that’s not necessarily the case. I’ve seen interviews with plenty of White Nationalists who say (convincingly) that they are no racists, they do not hate black people, they do not think slavery was right, and that blacks have been mistreated by whites. Their claim is that all of these problems come about because blacks and whites (and all other races) were never intended by nature to live together and that we would all be happier and better off if we lived separately. So, a White Nationalist isn’t necessarily a White Supremacist, as you can hold this belief while not also thinking that white people are superior to other races. At the same time, there are plenty of White Supremacists who don’t give a shit if we live separately. They’d be happy to have blacks, latinos, etc. still living in the country, as long as we went back to the days of segregation (or even slavery) and the “white man” is recognized as superior. So, a White Supremacist isn’t necessarily going to be a White Nationalist either. There’s a whole lot of crossover between the two groups, but it isn’t necessarily so.

Now that I’ve given you guys a little primer on the subject, let’s dive in. It really needs to be stated, firstly, that White Nationalism is absolutely racist. I would grant them that their position is certainly the less racist of the two, but it IS still racist as fuck. The main problem being that (as I’m sure you’ve heard Liberal bleat before) “race” is mostly a social construct and not a product of nature. Sure, there are some natural difference between different races, but these differences are the result of environmental factors where these particular groups evolved, and nothing more. These differences are absolutely what you would expect to happen within the same species, if you understand evolutionary biology even a little.

My main point today is about the separation of humans based on arbitrary criteria. White Nationalists want humans to be separated based on their “race.” If you understand what that means, they’re basically saying that where you evolved matters enough that we should segregate because of it.

Then you have your plain on Nationalists. That’s everybody’s redneck uncle who talks about the “damn Mexicans” stealing our jobs and how this is OUR country. It’s also everybody who waves their fucking flag around and shows “American Pride” (or any other country) to such a degree that you’d think they actually fucking did something to feel proud about. What the fuck did you do? “Oh hi, I’m Bert, and my dumb ass was born on this here particular clump of dirt which just so happens to be the best fucking clump of dirt there is, because I was fucking born here. Now you shut the hell up while I act like that was something I fucking accomplished and sit here being proud of it!”

Right now, you may be thinking that I’m off on a weird fucking tangent. Or, it’s entirely possible that you might not be a moron and you see exactly where I’m going with this. Good for you. Let me explain it to the simpler folks.

White Nationalism is the belief that people should be kept separate because of a meaningless man-made concept: Race

Nationalism is the belief that people should be kept separate because of a meaningless man-made concept: Nationalities

How is an imaginary line on a map supposed to be a less arbitrary reason to keep people apart than an imaginary “race” concept? It’s fucking NOT, that’s how. The only difference is that most of society acknowledges one of those concepts as being fucking retarded, but they’re perfectly happy to run right along with the other.

“Goddamnit Galen, you sound like one of them there ‘open border’ people!”

Not just open borders, no borders. Nationalities and borders should not exist, period. Contrary to the thinking of both White Nationalist and Nationalist alike, the problems evident in the human race today are NOT the result of different cultures and peoples mixing together. The vast majority of these problems are the result of the human race being kept apart, in neatly organized little categories. Whether those categories are “white/black/asian/jew/arab/whatever” or “U.S./Mexico/Canada/China/Italy/whatever” makes no difference at all! The problem is not what categories you choose to separate people with, it’s that any categories exist at all!

When you keep children isolated, they don’t develop properly. They develop a variety of mental and emotional problems. When you raise children with lots of social interaction with others, they develop into healthy functioning adults. The same is true on the global scale. When you keep groups of people (whatever arbitrary groups these may be) isolated, the individual cultures get all kinds of fucked up. We, as a race (the human race), are hampering our own development as a species. I estimate that, in our development, the human race is the equivalent of someone just entering adolescence. We’re not little children anymore, but we haven’t fucking grown up yet either. This is very likely a crucial stage of our species’ development and the continued cultural isolation is sure to retard us if it doesn’t stop.

Luckily, there is hope. The Internet has globalized communications and cultural interaction. I rank the Internet as being, without a doubt, the single most important thing that mankind has ever created. For all the bitching, fighting, and trolling that goes on, we are communicating! We are free to interact and here, online, there are no borders. No borders, no countries, no races, no genders. Not by default, anyway. You may choose to tell people online what race you are, what gender you are, and where you’re from, but you don’t have to and a lot of the time it doesn’t even matter! This medium is our greatest hope for the human race to grow the fuck up and be something better.

7 Responses to White Nationalism Is Just Plain Nationalism

  1. Avatar Frolm
    Frolm says:

    “Whether those categories are “white/black/asian/jew/arab/whatever” or “U.S./Mexico/Canada/China/Italy/whatever” makes no difference at all! The problem is not what categories you choose to separate people with, it’s that any categories exist at all! ”

    Please go live in Saudi Arabia for a month before you spew this shit again. It might give you some perspective on your sheltered and worthless life.

  2. The problem with a lack of borders, though, is that dangerous aspects of cultures can come together and make things worse.

    I understand the concept behind what you’re saying, but the EU experimented with the idea of at least meaningless borders, and it has led to massive boosts in all sorts of crime after refugees moved in. Now some of the nationalists in Europe are beginning to take hold once again. Neither one of these things is good for ANYONE, and could have been prevented with basic border control.

    There’s nothing wrong with a secured border. Yes, they’re arbitrary, but they do serve a purpose.

    To that end, the separation of races and cultures is also a bad idea, and I’m all for letting people of all backgrounds across said borders so long as they behave. You don’t go to a different country to just stir the pot, do you? Probably not, but lots of folks do. And they’re the problem, not you nor I nor the person seeking a better life elsewhere.

  3. But Rob, don’t we already have laws? Doesn’t every place already have laws? If you go somewhere and misbehave, you should be punished accordingly. Arguing against open borders because some people will take advantage of it is a lot like arguing that all teenagers should be banned from a mall because some teenagers do shitty things.

    • Avatar Frolm
      Frolm says:

      Immigration isn’t a right. It’s not enough for you to prove that you won’t commit a crime, you have to either prove you’re a refugee or prove you can contribute to the country you immigrate to. Because guess who’s going to have to pay for your welfare if it turns out you can’t do anything?

      And laws? How the fuck do you think laws are going to work without borders or nationality? US, Canada, and Mexico’s laws are all different from each other. Maybe you wanna just pick a country out of a hat each time you need to decide which set of laws to use?

  4. Well, no, you don’t ban teenagers from malls because a few are douche canoes, but comparing national borders to a private mall is apples to oranges. You might as well compare the Great Wall of China to your bedroom wall, and the ramifications of letting in a large number of the wrong people, regardless of whatever metric used to measure that badness, are much larger than some teenagers spray-painting some naughty words on a mall’s back end.

    The problem with an open border policy is that it relies quite heavily on a perfect world where world peace has been attained. Honestly, if it wasn’t for our tribalistic nature as a species, I’d be perfectly fine with open borders.

  5. But then I would ask, how DO we overcome our “tribal nature” if we remain tribal and keep making up all these excuses to stay that way?

    • Each individual culture would have to do so in its own time, in its own way.