John Oliver’s Call to Action for Net Neutrality

I’m sharing this because he’s right, all of us on the Internet agree on one damn thing and that’s that we want to fucking KEEP our Internet free and open.

The URL Oliver set up,, is awesome, BUT it’s really bogged down and takes a while and/or a few tries to load. Here’s a direct link to the page that you can just click on from here:

Or if you still prefer a short URL:

Remember that this is an official public filing; BE RESPECTFUL or you won’t be taken seriously.

3 Responses to John Oliver’s Call to Action for Net Neutrality

  1. Avatar Frolm
    Frolm says:

    Unfortunately, the internet is fully mainstream now, and everything that goes mainstream eventually ends up being controlled by the wealthy and elite. Anything we do can only delay the inevitable.

  2. Avatar Amy33amy33
    Amy33amy33 says:

    Yes, but we must delay it enough for the youths to invent something better, ya?

    • Avatar Frolm
      Frolm says:

      If the youths were smart and rebellious enough to invent something better they would have done it by now.