Murdering Children is Totes Okay; They Might Grow Up to Be Terrorists

Just a little taste of the unbelievable horseshit that I see every fucking day on my Facebook feed. These people are voting and you all wonder where Trump came from. Hmph!

7 Responses to Murdering Children is Totes Okay; They Might Grow Up to Be Terrorists

  1. Hi, you appear to be suffering from Trump derangement syndrome. Please go back to being a moderate leftist instead of a deranged lunatic.

  2. What…. the fuck are you even talking about? Are you talking to me or the FB commenters in the picture? What are you on about?

    • Maybe someday you will realize that being a smug asshole all the time, especially when that smugness is unwarranted, doesn’t make you look smart. You are an old man with no idea what’s currently going on. Your view of the world is consistenly about a decade behind. All you can do now is flail at a changing world you no longer understand as you’re left behind by the newer generations, as you begin to realize no matter how much of a smug asshole you are, you have no power over anything, and no one is impressed by your edginess anymore.

  3. I see. So, you’ll have to forgive this old man, seeing as how I’m out of touch. Please, do feel free to educate me. I would like to learn how, exactly, it’s ok to murder non-combatants and children from thousands of miles away. I ask because, see, right now it just looks like you have absolutely no argument whatsoever and are just pointlessly attacking me. Now I realize that I am an out-of-touch stupid old fart, but back in my day, we called that a logical fallacy and it was usually a sign that you don’t actually HAVE any contradictory argument at all and are just pulling things out of your ass. Again, I’m sure I must be wrong there, so I look forward to you correcting me. Thanks so much, sonny.

    Edit: OH, I forgot to say that you’re totally right about me being a smug asshole. I’ll have to ask your forgiveness for that as well. You see, it’s the natural result of me being so motherfucking right all the goddamn time. You tend to get smug when your only opposition are morons who can’t string a coherent argument together and can’t even do a good job of insulting you when they try. I’m sure you’re different though. You get back to me quick, now! Don’t keep an old man waiting, I might die on ya!

    Edit2: Hey, weren’t you posting as “Lute” not too long ago? I gotta know, who the fuck are you? You’ve clearly been around my site for a while now. But you sound like a goddamn Trump supporter.

  4. Funny how you’re offended by a rando on the internet shitposting something offensive but you had no problems with Obama bombing the shit out of non-combatants and children for the past 8 years. Only 4 years ago you had a rant saying there was nothing wrong with Islamophobia and yet now you’re going “Oh no those poor muslims”. Why the fuck should anyone take you seriously?

    I know your type. You dedicate yourself to flinging shit with the stupidest people you can find to make yourself look intelligent in comparison. It’s easy to be motherfucking right all the time when you intentionally look for stupid people to prove wrong. You’ve dulled your wit and now you’re completely unable to function when dealing with anyone slightly more intelligent than what you’re used to, probably because you’re only slightly more intelligent than the people you mock. You used to come up with decent rants, now you’ve been reduced to a raving lunatic. Maybe after Trump doesn’t send anyone to the concentration camps after 8 years, you will look back on this time and reflect on what a massive retard you were.

    I simply enjoy watching your side get humilated over and over again. Your side has spent years pretending to be the smug arbiter of morality, judging others for their moral failures. Now everyone is judging them. I’ve lurked around here long enough to know you’re not really a part of your side, you’re just too out of touch to avoid being manipulated by them. Maybe if you were more than just slightly intelligent things would be different.

  5. And here, once again, all you’re doing is insulting me and “my side” (whatever the fuck that is). For all your talk of being my better, I have yet to see you offer a single argument against anything I’ve said. Well, wait, that’s not true, you *did* make up some bullshit. I had no problem with Obama dropping bombs on brown people? Please link to where I’ve ever said that.

    Ah, but there I go again, asking you to back up your claims. And that shouldn’t even be hard, considering you haven’t made very many actual claims.

    I’m done with you, dude. I enjoy arguing, but you’re not doing that. This is just you getting off on insulting me and, while I have no objection to that (because your insults are pretty sad), it’s pointless and nothing is getting accomplished. Simply put, either back up what you’re saying or shut the fuck up. If you got nothing to say, then say nothing. I’ve got plenty to say and you haven’t put a dent in my armor, little fella.

    • Avatar Frolm
      Frolm says:

      This is rich, your entire blog is dedicated to insulting randos on the internet and suddenly you can’t take the heat.

      “Please link to where I’ve ever said that.”

      And here lies the root of your problem: You believe people should be judged only by their words, not their actions. You should be judging people by both, but for some reason you ignore the latter. This is why you’re so easy to manipulate. When you make yourself the arbiter of justice and then turn a blind eye to a specific group people are going to notice you’re a fucking hypocrite. For example, when the UN complains about human rights and then appoints Saudi Arabia as their fucking head of human rights no one is going to take them seriously anymore.

      Oh, and I’m not going to explain to a fucking loon why America isn’t going to start sending people into the gas chambers just because your candidate didn’t get elected. You lost, boo fucking hoo. Get over it, it’s not the end of the world.

      I am a giant retarded faggot, please someone pay attention to me!