Rape as punishment

The following rant is based off this news article. [Update: The article doesn’t exist anymore; fuck!] Actually, it’s more based off the comments in this Facebook post about the article.

Let’s start off with a basic and reasonable assertion: Rape is bad. Can we all agree with that one? Well, obviously not, else there wouldn’t be rapists, but whatever. Most reasonable sane people agree that committing the crime of rape is bad, wrong, evil, immoral, etc.

And yet, I see comments and sentiments like this all the fucking time. The subject of the article is an evil bastard. He raped a 12-month-old child. That’s about as fucking low as you can get. I think that’s another thing we can all agree on, so that’s two things. Rape is bad and this guy is less than shit. Two things on which we agree. Two points that are both solid, reasonable, logical, and even have the added bonus of satisfying that emotional itch we need to feel about things. Unlike many things, these two things are right and they feel right too.

But, then we hit the wall, because that’s where the logic ends and, for so many people, their emotions take over and their head goes on a vacation.

See, folks, here’s the logical disconnect. In order to condone this sort of thing, there has to be an exception in your mind; a condition in your head that says “rape is bad, unless…” And that is not fucking acceptable!

There is no “unless.” There is no “But what if…” NO! The rape of another living thing, good or evil, is NEVER ok and absolutely not ever something that should be condoned!

Shit, condoned? These people were not only condoning it, they were cheering it on! They were wishing for it to happen more! This Facebook post got my attention because after reading the title, the first thing I saw was how many people had clicked the little “HaHa” laughing like-button. If you can laugh at someone’s rape – not some rape joke, but a real actual rape – then you are no better of a human being than this man. Yes, I fucking said it, you are just as evil as him!

Oh, you’re not? Why not? He clearly has an exception in his mind where he thinks rape is totally ok. And, as we can see, SO DO YOU

Oh, what, his exception is different than yours so that somehow makes you less despicable? Nah, bitch, I don’t think so.

Rape is not a punishment. And even if it were, I don’t think 20 fucking low-life shitbag prison inmates are the ones who should be doling out heaping assfulls of justice.

What if it comes out later that the guy was innocent all along? THEN you’ll feel bad, but let’s examine that. Rape is a terrible thing… but only when it happens to good people. That’s the message I’m getting. So, where’s the line at, exactly? If I murder someone, is it ok if I’m raped? What about if I just beat someone up? How about if I robbed a convenience store? Traffic drugs? Maybe I’m a pimp? What if I shoplift? What if I’m jaywalking? Where, precisely is the line? Just how bad do I have to be before it’s ok for me to be a rape victim? The answer is that you don’t fucking know, because there is no goddamn line, because THIS ISN’T FUCKING SAUDI ARABIA, THAT’S NOT HOW WE FUCKING DO THINGS IN THIS COUNTRY, YOU MORON! Our laws are clearly defined; sharp, crisp, clear! And where they’re not, that’s where we always see problems.

Maybe you want to ride your happy ass down the slippery slope of “It’s ok if SOME people get raped” but I’d rather condemn it entirely. Y’know why? Because I”m not a subhuman piece of dog shit, like you and that baby rapists. You two are in the same category: People Who Sometimes Think Rape Is Acceptable. Now that you’re in that category with him, I guess something you totally deserve should happen to you now… right?