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  • Executive Orders are NOT “New Laws” But You ARE A Dumbass!

    ALTERNATE TITLE: Why You Should Have Paid Attention In Middle School Social Studies Class Instead Of Staring At Stacy’s Ass

    Well, fucking Christ, everybody sure is President Obama right now! Here he comes, finally after all this time, to take your guns!

    Listen, morons, because here comes there Good “Ol Learnin’ Train! CHOO CHOOOO!

    The Executive Branch of government cannot pass new laws by itself. It can, however, determine the best course for enforceing existing laws. For example, the law says that everybody has to have a background check to purchase a firearm. That’s the law, right? Yes it is. A loophole in that law allowed people to still buy guns at gun shows without having a background check done. Did the drafters of the background check law intend for an exception to be made for gun shows? No, they didn’t. Is it a very effective law if it says “You can’t do this anywhere….. except this one place, then it’s cool.” No, it’s not. So, in order to actually enforce the law that already exists which says everybody has to have a background check to own a gun, the loophole has now been closed.

    See? No new law, just the same old law that was always there! The only difference is that now the law actually does what it was fucking supposed to be doing all along! Obama isn’t being a dictator, he’s doing his fucking job, you morons.

    Boo hoo, we can’t buy guns at gun shows anymore! But I liked gun shows and hassle free gun buying!

    Yeah, so did criminals!

    Here’s the thing, guys. I’m a “gun person.” I like guns. Guns are fucking awesome. For decades now, me and all the other “gun people” have been chanting a pretty simplisitc mantra: We don’t need new laws; we need to actually enforce the laws we already have!

    And now we are – thanks, Obama! 🙂

    What Obama just did was to give us all exactly what we’ve been asking for since the fucking 80s! The gun laws that are already on the books are going to be easier to enforce. We got what we wanted, stop bitching because it inconveninces you, you fucking crybabies!

  • Fucking Dog-Killing Pigs!

    LINK: Chester Pa Police Officers Shoot A 1yo Puppy, In Its Own Yard, 8 Times, Then Laugh In The Owner’s Face.

    Cops. Big tough manly men, right? Tell me, just how big of an oozing herpes-infestedpussy do you have to be to shoot a goddamn puppy eight fucking times?!

    Oh, the dog got loose? It jumped on you? YOU FUCKING LITTLE PANSY ASS FAGGOT! You can’t knock a fucking puppy off you? Really?

    But of course you can! Because you’re lying, assholes. The dog didn’t miraculously break its bonds when you showed up and he didn’t jump on you. He didn’t do a goddamn thing except be there when your immature little brain decided it wanted to shoot a defenseless creature.

    Tell ya what, I have four dogs. Why don’t you fly your asses down here to Georgia, take off that gold-plated shield-shaped tampon that you hide behind like a little bitch, and come on into my yard and shoot my dogs. Castle Doctrine, for the win! I would love – and I mean love love LOVE – to ruthlessly gun your sick stupid asses down just like you did to that dog. Then, when I’m done, I’ll take pictures of your bleeding bullet-riddled corpse, fly to Pennsylvania, meet up with your wife and kids, show them the picture and ask “Is this your husband and father?” And when they tearfully answer “yes” I’ll LAUGH IN THEIR FUCKING FACES and tell them that they don’t have a father or husband anymore, he’s done!

    How’s that thought sit with you, ya festering little cunt slit? Probably not too well!

    Maybe if any of these fucktards read this (I doubt they can read), they’ll start calling up their pig-buddies in my area to get me charged with threatening the lives of police officers. NOPE! Never said I’d do a damn thing other than defend my own property if some unidentified armed individuals came to shoot my dogs. But you just go ahead and try that instead of taking me up on my challenge. That’s exactly what I’d expect you to do, because that’s what any fancy-pants sissy boy would do. What, am I gonna be scared of you or something? You shoot small puppies for the hell of it; you’re not anything to be afraid of. You’re something to be mocked and spit on. Fuck you.