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  • Congratulations to Biden and to America!

    I don’t say much these days, though I know that some of you are still paying attention, but I’m crawling back out from under this rock to congratulate President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

    Is this a good thing? Well, I mean, it’s tough to get worse than having a blow-hard reality TV star as your incompetent President, but don’t think it’s not possible. Those on the Left often fail to see the problems that Left-wing politics has, but there are most definitely problems, many of them just as bad as the problems on the Right. If you don’t know that, then hello, I’m Doctor Galen and I’m here to inform you of your mental retardation diagnosis; congrats to you too.

    Now, I’m not going all “both sides are the same!” Not at all. Both sides are NOT the same, but both sides ARE bad. Like, really bad. The thing is, they’re bad in different ways and I usually prefer the bad that comes from the Left over that of the Right, although in recent years it’s become closer to being an even mix.

    Regardless, I think we’ve all had just about enough of the Right’s badness. One positive of the Left is that they still have the dignity and shame to fucking HIDE what they’re doing and not just go balls-out “we’re evil fuckbags and we don’t care who knows and, oh by the way, you’re still going to support us, because you’re our bitches and you like it that way.” The Right has gotten, as they say in the south, “Too big for their breeches.” It’s time for the Left to step in again and tip the scales in the other direction.

    Even though I don’t like Biden or Harris personally, that’s irrelevant. When choosing a President, you are interviewing a potential employee to work for you. I don’t have to like anyone I hire as long as I think they’ll be competent and reliable. I do think that of Biden (mostly). So, my sincerest and most genuine congratulations go out President-Elect Biden on his victory!

    And, by the same token, even though I despise Trump, I still recognize that he is a human being. A shitty one, but human nonetheless. So, my sincerest and most heartfelt condolences go out to Donald Trump and all of his very-upset supporters. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of him.

    And, for the record, I voted in this election for the first time in 20 years. When I saw that Georgia would be a swing state, I knew that my vote might actually count for once. And as close as Georgia’s race was, it fucking did count! I voted Biden for President and chose the Libertarian candidate for everything else.

    Good luck to us all over the next few years. I wish nothing but the best for the Biden Administration, because hoping for a President to fail (no matter which side they’re on) is hoping for your country to turn to shit and that’s just fucking dumb.

  • Welcome 2017

    I’ve always written something to start off the new year. One of the reasons I like the blog format is because now I don’t fucking have to. I could just leave this alone, but fuck it, I might as well write something to welcome in 2017.

    Many are glad that 2016 has finally ended, what with all the terrible shit that’s happened this past year. Celebrity deaths all over the goddamn place, from Prince to Princess Leia. The election was a shit show the likes of which politics has never seen before and then it ended in the worst possible outcome. I’m not being facetious when I say that. Literally any other person who was running for President would have been better. Oh, Clinton’s a liar and a crook? Welcome to politics, you ignorant fuck. Oh, Romney’s a religious fucktard? Welcome to Republican politics, dumbass! This shit is par for the course.

    Ah, but let me not get off on that tangent too badly. I’ll have four more years to opine the dawning of our Idiocracy (and possibly the twilight of our civilization). Traditionally, one is supposed to talk about New Year’s Resolutions and things they’re looking forward to in the coming year. Well, you know me, I fucking LOVE traditions!

    Sadly, I don’t have any Resolutions to share. I never do, because I’m fucking fine with who I am, you weak ass little pussies. OH, no, wait a minute, I DO have one! More sex. I’m not getting enough. So yeah, there’s my Resolution: Have more sex.

    Now on to the things I’m looking forward to….


    Ok, well, my 16th wedding anniversary is coming up soon, so that’s cool. Valentine’s Day is always a busy time at my job, so that’s a lot of fun. Hopefully the world won’t end before September, so I’ll get to see my kid turn 7, that’ll be awesome. Oh fuck, and I just realized what age I’LL be turning right before he turns 7… shit. No, it’s not fucking FORTY yet, you motherfuckers. It’s 39…. shut up HEY, I just thought of a good thing about Trump being President! There’s a good chance I’ll die before I hit 40! FUCK YEAH, ‘MURICA! TRUUUUMMMP!

    Oh god, I just threw up in my mouth a little after doing that. Moving on….

    Or, well, no, nevermind. Nothing else I can think of, really.

    I’m sorry guys, but there’s no positivity to be found here. If you’re happy to see 2016 die, just wait. 2017 promises to be even worse. You’ll be begging for 2016 to come back and gently penetrate you with no lube.

    *sigh*…. I can’t just leave it like that. I guess there’s is a hopeful message I can deliver on this New Year’s Day and here it is: IF we make it, WE win. The reason the anti-intellectuals and fucking retards of the planet are making a comeback is because common sense and reason has actually been gaining ground! It’s happened slowly, but it’s happened. Republicans had pretty much given up on gay marriage and on fighting gay rights as a whole. They were reduced to small quibbles over fucking gay wedding cakes and trangender bathrooms. We, the good intelligent people of the country, had them beaten back into a corner. This? This shit right here? This is their last dying effort to fight back. If we can emerge victorious, we will have fucking WON. The fight is on, motherfuckers; welcome to twenty-goddamn-seventeen!

  • When the Fuck did WadeKarl Grow a Pair???

    I’d like to quote what I just read on Facebook:

    I got news for anyone who thinks that only Generation Y/Millennials have entitlement issues. I’m at my job, y’know guarding and shit and some old broad is leaving the bank. I do my job and say to her, “take care,” “have a good day,” whatever the fuck it was I said. The bitch doesn’t say anything to me, not even “bye,” and just continues walking out the door, along with some other old broad. I hear the two broads bitching about something outside, so I go outside in hopes of hearing what it was. Turns out that they’re mad that I didn’t open up the door for them. The bitch that SAID NOTHING TO ME and has no obvious physical handicap other than being an old sack of shit, is mad that I didn’t read her fucking mind and open up the door for her. Yo bitch, all you had to do was fucking do was OPEN YOUR MOUTH and fucking ASK instead of ignoring me like a spoiled, old, white cunt (yeah, there are some white women I DON’T like, Lol).

    I’d go and talk about how she should be chainsawed into little pieces and be unknowingly fed to her grandchildren, but fuck it, she’ll probably be dead by the end of the year. And good fucking riddance. Cause bitch, this ain’t the 1800s. Lincoln freed the fucking slaves. She probably couldn’t believe that I, as a black man, didn’t just volunteer to have her walk over my blazer so that the leftover salt on the floor wouldn’t get on the bottom of her shoes. Bitch, I’m not your slave and I’m NOT a fucking doorman. Fuck you.

    And remember, I’m not mad that they wanted me to open the door for them. I’m mad that these wrinkly old twatwaffles (lol, always wanted to use that word) felt that they were above speaking to me and as a result of that, *I’M* the asshole who was too rude to open up a door.

    Useless pieces of shit. They’ve outlived their usefulness and their deaths can’t come soon enough.

    That came from long-time Sniper Forum member WadeKarl. Now, ‘ol WK is a wee bit famous among Snipers. Famous for being a complete dumbass who can’t string a coherent thought together!

    When the fuck did he learn how to write and not just write but… like me!

    Goddamnit, boy, I’m somewhat proud of you. Shit.