• Congratulations to Biden and to America!

    I don’t say much these days, though I know that some of you are still paying attention, but I’m crawling back out from under this rock to congratulate President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

    Is this a good thing? Well, I mean, it’s tough to get worse than having a blow-hard reality TV star as your incompetent President, but don’t think it’s not possible. Those on the Left often fail to see the problems that Left-wing politics has, but there are most definitely problems, many of them just as bad as the problems on the Right. If you don’t know that, then hello, I’m Doctor Galen and I’m here to inform you of your mental retardation diagnosis; congrats to you too.

    Now, I’m not going all “both sides are the same!” Not at all. Both sides are NOT the same, but both sides ARE bad. Like, really bad. The thing is, they’re bad in different ways and I usually prefer the bad that comes from the Left over that of the Right, although in recent years it’s become closer to being an even mix.

    Regardless, I think we’ve all had just about enough of the Right’s badness. One positive of the Left is that they still have the dignity and shame to fucking HIDE what they’re doing and not just go balls-out “we’re evil fuckbags and we don’t care who knows and, oh by the way, you’re still going to support us, because you’re our bitches and you like it that way.” The Right has gotten, as they say in the south, “Too big for their breeches.” It’s time for the Left to step in again and tip the scales in the other direction.

    Even though I don’t like Biden or Harris personally, that’s irrelevant. When choosing a President, you are interviewing a potential employee to work for you. I don’t have to like anyone I hire as long as I think they’ll be competent and reliable. I do think that of Biden (mostly). So, my sincerest and most genuine congratulations go out President-Elect Biden on his victory!

    And, by the same token, even though I despise Trump, I still recognize that he is a human being. A shitty one, but human nonetheless. So, my sincerest and most heartfelt condolences go out to Donald Trump and all of his very-upset supporters. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of him.

    And, for the record, I voted in this election for the first time in 20 years. When I saw that Georgia would be a swing state, I knew that my vote might actually count for once. And as close as Georgia’s race was, it fucking did count! I voted Biden for President and chose the Libertarian candidate for everything else.

    Good luck to us all over the next few years. I wish nothing but the best for the Biden Administration, because hoping for a President to fail (no matter which side they’re on) is hoping for your country to turn to shit and that’s just fucking dumb.

  • R.I.P. Neil Peart

    My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Neil Peart. He is, and shall always remain, the single greatest drummer who ever lived. If there is an afterlife, I hope Neil is there with his wife and daughter, happy beyond imagining. Rest in peace, Neil 🙁

  • Update 2019

    So here it is, probably the only post I’ll make this year. Just here to remind everyone that I haven’t disappeared, I haven’t given up on SnipeMe, and that I will be back.

    But for now, things stand as they stood last time. I am the god of Common Sense, which makes me on hiatus around the planet these days. You might think that, being a god, I could do something about this. Sadly, that isn’t my place. You see, all you little people have that wonderful little “free will” thing going on. It’s great and all, but it does cause these periods of shittiness. Stepping in to fix you all isn’t being a god, it’s being an enabler. What will you ever learn if I just fix everything for you?

    Thankfully, I do have a larger view. This is just a blip. Yeah, the world is going insane, but it does tend to do that. The ship will right itself in time. Of course, climate change is a real thing and humanity IS slowly committing suicide, so maybe it won’t get fixed in time. Then we’ll all be dead and none of these problems will exist. Probably the best outcome one could hope for, honestly.

    Since I know that you’re all terribly eager to hear about my little life, here’s your update:

    When I last posted in December, I was the Assistant Manager of an Adult Store that I’ve been working at since 2015. My Manager at the time managed to get himself transferred back to his home town and take over as the Manager there. What that meant for me was that, in just 3 and a half years, I managed to climb all the way up the ladder. I’m now the Manager of a small business. Quite an interesting experience. I usually love it, but there are days that suck ass.

    My son is now in the 3rd grade and is about to turn 9. He’s crazy as fuck, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    My knee is better now. I did end up needing surgery and physical therapy due to it having been immobilized for 6 months. If you think you know what pain is, ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to imagine what it must have felt like to come out of surgery and have a therapist grab your leg – that hasn’t moved in half a year – and bend it all the way back. That (and the other times it was done during therapy) absolutely redefined the meaning of pain for me. I’ve broken bones, nearly lost a finger, suffered cluster headaches and migraines, and experienced lots of other painful things, but that fucking knee…. I yelled like it was a horror movie. Legit, that shit you hear when people are being tortured, because I WAS being tortured. It was necessary, but that didn’t make it good. I was honestly terrified to go to PT each day. I considered just not going. Hell, I even spent a good few minutes contemplating suicide just to avoid having to go through that again. But, of course I faced my fear and kept going, because I’m not a fucking little bitch. It’ll be another 7 or 8 months before my knee is somewhat normal again. I still have to think about every step I take and every move I make.

    My hobbies are still GTA Online and podcasts.

    And that’s my update. Still alive and kicking (well, no, not kicking very well, actually). I’ll check in with you all sometime in 2020, probably. Assuming we haven’t destroyed ourselves by then, of course. Otherwise, if there’s an afterlife, I’ll see you there. But there isn’t, so bye.

  • Update 2018

    Believe it or not, even after all this time, I still get the occasional email asking when I’m going to write a new rant or post a new Sniper Radio, etc. After getting one just yesterday, I decided that maybe I should write an update post.

    So first, about the site’s content. I never announced it or anything, but this site is on hiatus until the insanity dies down. See, the site has always been about provoking thought and debate through entertainment. Hyperbole and vitriol have been my educational tools since 2003. During that time, it was an easy job. The political and ideological Left was mostly right on most things and the Right was mostly wrong on most things. As the years went by, the Right kept moving further and further into the fucking insane asylum and this made my job even easier. But, at some point (and I don’t remember exactly when), the Left started to follow them. It was like “Hey, you can’t run into that nuthouse, I’m not through yelling at you, get back here!” It’s not entirely unexpected, but here it is. The Left and the Right are both fucking crazy. For me, that’s bad, because I ply my art through the lens of reason and intellect (though it’s masked in lots of yelling and swearing so as to be entertaining) and, now, there just isn’t any of that to be had. If I post an opinion on anything, I’m everyone’s enemy. Nobody is thinking, nobody is questioning, and it’s damn hard to entertain now. It’s not that I don’t still have lots of ranty opinions about everything, it’s just that…. why bother? Nobody is open to reasonable debate or thinking about their own positions or the positions of their opponents. Nobody on the Right OR the Left is listening to anything other than their own echo chamber or propaganda. Frankly, I have other things to do, so I’m not going to waste my fucking time. SnipeMe is in stasis, a state of permanent suspension and inactivity, and it will remain that way until all of you fucking retards (oh god, he said the r-word #triggered #ableist) come back from this extended adderall trip you’ve all been on. I’ve often called myself a god and, specifically, the god of common sense. Common sense is in scarce supply and nobody’s praying to this god anymore. I’ll just wait this out. Being a god, I’ll still be here and, don’t worry, I’ll be waiting to laugh at all the stupid things you’re all doing right now. It’s like that N’Sync poster you had over your bed when you were 10 and you hope nobody remembers it now that you’re 30. Lord Galen remembers and he will never let you live it down.

    Now, if anyone is interested, I’ll talk about my life. It’s good. Coming up on my 18th wedding anniversary. My son is 8 years old and in the 2nd grade. I’m still working at the Adult Store that I got a job at in 2015, only now I’m the Assistant Manager (and still 50,000,000,000 times happier than I was in public education). I’m currently battling a knee injury of unknown origins (just woke up one morning and couldn’t bend my knee, so that sucks). Hopefully the doctors can figure that one out and fix it. My current hobbies include listening to podcasts while playing GTA Online.

    And that’s pretty much it. Maybe I’ll post once next year to give an update too. Or maybe I won’t. I’m the god of common sense and you’ve all abandoned me, so go fuck yourselves.

  • The Good Guys Should Be Better Than This

    The moment I have been waiting for on Facebook has finally happened. I’ve heard of it, whispered in the dark corners of 4chan and joked about in the halls of Reddit, but I was always able to say “Nah, I’ve never seen that.” And, finally, it happened.

    I got called a Nazi on Facebook. More specifically, I got called “Hitlerboy.”

    Now, I’m sure all of my very liberal readers are all like “Galen, what the fuck did you do? Are you a fucking Nazi now?! Someone on Facebook called you a Nazi so you must be saying some goddamn racist Nazi Confederate KKK AntiAntiFa shit, you bastard! What the fuck have you done?!”

    Bitches. I did what I always do. I questioned. That’s what I do. I ask questions.

    Here’s a question for you: How exactly are you “anti-fascist” by employing fascist strategies in your fight? For example, I got called a Nazi because I dared to question the practice of calling people Nazis when they disagree with any small part of your political philosophy (thus, I was proven right, bee-tee-dubs). Hmmm… Now, is there any group or movement in recent history that has perhaps used the tactic of labeling those who disagree with them – even in small ways – as “the enemy?” Any group we can think of? Oh yes, that’s right, the fucking Third Reich. And Soviet Russia, Communist China, pretty much all the goddamn bad guys do this. Why are you, the good guys, doing this?

    And yes, I called Antifa the good guys. Of course being anti-fascist is the GOOD fucking position! I have to point out that this is my opinion because, already, you’re assuming that I’m attacking you and calling you the bad guys!


    And this is exactly 100% the problem right here. Those on the Right never knew how to use logic and reason, so I expect this shit from them, but you guys? Et tu, Antifa? Guys, come the fuck on, YOU HAVE TO BE CRITICIZED IN ORDER TO GROW! You aren’t perfect. Your political philosophy isn’t perfect. There are flaws, there are problems, and there is room for improvement, but every single goddamn time someone like me – YOUR FRIEND AND ALLY WHO THINKS YOU’RE FUCKING RIGHT AND SUPPORTS YOU ALL THE WAY – suggests that maybe what you’re doing sometimes isn’t quite always the best tactic and maybe kinda-sorta looks a little bit fucking oppressive, that person is met with “fuck you, Nazi!”

    Let’s hit up some hard truths here, fuckers. You’re not gonna like this, but nobody else will give it to you straight because everyone else on the left is afraid of your opinion. If you wanna label me a Nazi, go ahead, and I’ll shove a swastika up your fucking hippy ass. You calling me a name doesn’t frighten me. Your fucking stupidity enrages me, but there’s no fear here. So open wide while I shove this giant cock of pure unfiltered truth down your throats.

    The Nazis, KKK, etc. Can Say Whatever They Want

    “But Galen, that’s violent speech, that’s violent speech, we have to respond with actual violence when they use violent speech! …..” and I assume the rest of that quote is just screeching and blubbering, as usual. Look, assholes, if you’re not willing to allow speech that you don’t like, then you’re NOT in favor of free speech and you never were. You’re not a proponent of freedom for all, you’re a proponent of freedom for you and those like you. And how does that make you better than the people you’re fighting against? It doesn’t. Now, what you’ve been doing RIGHT so far is meeting the Nazis head-on in the public arena of speech! Yes, absolutely, fucking go for it! Call them out on their bullshit! Give it right back to them! Fuckin’ hell, guys, that shit you all pulled of in Boston? That was GLORIOUS!!!!!! Twenty Nazis show up and 15,000+ anti-Nazis show up to protest their protest? That is how the fuck you DO IT, BABY! But this violent speech shit? Uh…..

    “Violent Speech” Is Not A Thing, You Made That Shit Up, Knock It Off

    I get the sentiment, I really do. Words DO hurt, often more than physical blows ever could. So I honestly do GET how you can come up with a concept like “violent speech.” What I don’t get is how that translates to a response of actual real physical violence and don’t any of you motherfuckers act like you haven’t responded to hate speech with violence, because you goddamn sure have and I’ve seen it and it is a stain and a shameful mark on the Left. If you think “violent speech” is a thing, then fight back with your own violent speech, you fucking airhead, not with actual violence! Because….

    No Matter What The Nazis SAY, The Moment YOU Use Violence, THEY Are The Victims

    Maybe a Nazi told me that my mother is a whore. Maybe some random KKK wanker is screaming at me that I’m going to hell for betraying the white race. Maybe some Confederate-flag-waving cunt is yelling at be about how the South will rise again (Protip: it won’t). These are some pretty horrible things to say to me, and he surely deserves for me to shove his nose toward the back of his skull with my fist, BUT, the instant I do that, he becomes the victim of a vicious attack by a crazy leftist and then our stupid fucking baby-man of a President gets to say how there was “violence on both sides.” You fucking morons, that is exactly the shit they WANT you to do! I mean, damn guys, if you really want to fight a Nazi, they’re not fucking hard to provoke, just get them to swing at you first and then you’re only defending yourself! But don’t ever – NEVER EVER – swing on them first! This makes YOU the bad guy, and you’re supposed to be the good guys!

    You may be asking why I’m not bitching at the Nazis in this rant. Why haven’t I spoken up about the terrible injustices toward minorities in this country? If you’ve read anything on this site, it should be obvious by now (after running this site for 13 goddamn years) that I speak up when others don’t, or won’t, or can’t. There’s literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of you speaking up against the Nazis! I don’t join any fucking chorus, I’m a singular force of will. You don’t NEED me to speak out against the Nazis. But if you just want it, fine, here you go: My official position on Nazis is that they all fucking suck ass and I would laugh if they all burst into flames at this very moment. Black Lives absolutely motherfucking DO MATTER just as much as any other life and the way racists are resurging in this country makes me want to vomit!

    Now that I’ve said that, let’s get back to why I’m bitchng at you, my fellow left-leaners. Guys, I expect the Right to be the bad guys. It’s what they fucking do and they’re doing it hard core now. We can beat them at this, but not if you start using their tactics to win. If you have to act like a fascist in order to be anti-fascist, what have you really won? Not a goddamn thing. I’m bitching at YOU because I expect better of YOU. I don’t expect better of them, I expect you to show up in droves and crush them. I expect you to make them ashamed and afraid to show their faces in the light of day. Not because you’ll beat them up like some idiot middle school bully, but because you are RIGHT and you show that by your actions and your words and your undefeatable spirit!

    Put your fucking fists down. You’re not going to win like that, you’re just going to become what you hate and you’ll never even see it happen. And I mean that metaphorically as well. If someone criticizes how you’re handling things, ask yourself if maybe they have a point, instead of calling them a Nazi and moving on with your day. There is no perfect Liberal, no perfect Antifa, no perfect BLM Activist. At some point, every single one of your allies will have said something to get themselves labeled a Nazi in your eyes, and then you’re all alone with no allies. At that time, you’ll look around and see that everyone else did the exact same goddamn thing and you’re all alone, fighting each other, while the Nazis do a victory lap around you.

    And while they’re busy winning, what the fuck are you doing?

    Yeah, that’s you, screaming at your allies because they want you to throw on your big girl panties and not fuck this shit up by acting like fucking retards! You aren’t fucking perfect. Sometimes you’re wrong. Stop screaming at the air and admit that and when the people on your side try to help you, shut the fuck up and listen, you asshole.

    Or, you know, ignore me. Just the fate of the fucking country at stake, why take advice from anyone? We think you should change, so we’re just Nazis. If that’s the way you want it, ok, but when your movement doesn’t exist anymore and Trump is getting re-elected, don’t say you weren’t warned that this is what happens when you keep splitting yourselves up over fucking nothing. I’m warning you, right now, and even as I write this I already know that none of you will fucking listen. I see you heading for that cliff and I’m begging you to turn the wheel, but you won’t. All I can do is tell you the cliff is there, I can’t stop the car for you or alter its course. Your choice, but for people who call themselves antifa, you sure look a whole lot like fa sometimes.

  • SnipeMe – Now Available With 100% More Encryption!

    Because I’m not an e-commerce site, nor any sort of site that really needs encrypted end-to-end communication with my audience, I’ve never bothered. Also, because I’m fucking poor and that shit isn’t free! Correction: wasn’t free.

    Thanks to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), now any website can have their shit encrypted for FREE!

    This has been around for a little while now, I just hadn’t gotten to it until today. And now, thanks to the fucking badasses at the EFF and ISRB, you can get insulted and demeaned by me with complete privacy and security!

    I will now take questions. Yes, let’s start with you, the fat meatloaf hater in the corner there:

    “Galen, what the fuck are you even talking about? What does this mean?”

    Ok, so for the computer illiterate, it means this. When you visit my website, the address now starts with https. The s stands for “secure.” You see the same shit when you visit Amazon or Newegg or anywhere that you have to enter private information. If you connect to a website using just regular old http, it’s like shouting down the street to your friend. Anybody along the path who knows how to listen will know what you’re saying. Using https is like yelling to your friend in Klingon; it’s not impossible that some pathetic fucking loser will be able to decipher what you’re saying, but it’s a lot less likely.

    Ok, next question, let’s see… Ah yes, you, the Ancient Greek in the 3rd row. Yes, if you’ll just take your dick out of that boy’s ass, I’ll be happy to answer your question.

    “Galen, why the fuck did you bother? This is stupid. There’s nothing secret on your website. Everybody knows it’s here! Literally everybody! I practically grew up here! Please notice me, daddy!

    Uh, ok, that was creepy…. Anyway. It’s not about keeping secrets. An encrypted end-to-end connection hides shit from the people who aren’t intended to see shit. For example, your ISP, who has the legal right to sell off your browsing history to the highest bidder in order to make themselves lots of money that you’ll never see. Fuck those fucking fuckers, right in their goddamn ears! Do I want them exploiting my users? FUCK NO, I DON’T, and they can suck a bull’s dick in hell!

    Ok, final question…. You, the pale specter floating in the corner grading my coding ability (and always giving me an F), the last question is yours.

    “Riiiight, Galen, listen… I’ve inspected this https implementation of yours and found it lacking. The SnipeMe Classic site hasn’t earned its padlock. There are clearly still insecure things there.”

    I have no idea. Four different web services have scanned the site and rated it as perfectly secure with no remaining http elements. I do not know why Firefox and Chrome still think the site is insecure. I’ll fix it later, because nobody fucking cares. For now, everybody should be advised that if you go to SnipeMe Classic and get a warning that the site is insecure, it’s bullshit and both Firefox and Chrome are borderline retarded.

    And that’s it for this very special announcement. TL;DR – Galen modernized some shit, so give him praise or he may never do it again.

    Free Adverstising:

    Let’s Encrypt! – Go here to get your own free SSL certificate and make your website say “fuck you!” to the government and ISPs.

    NordVPN – Go one step further and make sure that *everything* you do online is encrypted and secure. This is the VPN provider Lord Galen uses.

  • You’re Not Being Persecuted When You’re In Jail For Actually Being A Criminal

    The following rant is based on this news article:
    Jailed for a Facebook post: how US police target critics with arrest and prosecution

    First, let’s get something out of the way. Yes, police do indeed target critics and come up with bullshit reasons to harrass them. Fucking pigs can all go drown in doughnut batter for all I fucking care. This rant is not a defense of asshole cops, it is a defense of common goddamn sense.

    The guy in this article is being lauded as a hero by the Left. I follow a lot of Liberal pages on social media and they all seem to point to things like this as examples of persecution and oppression by The Man.

    Now, as I said, bullshit like that certainly does happen, but is this really a case of that bullshit?

    What was the guy actually arrested for? Did he do something wrong? Did he sit here on his stupid phone and just go right ahead and give the cops an actual reason to fuck him up?

    Why, yes. Yes, he did.

    This DUMB MOTHERFUCKER posted on Facebook, about a specific and named police officer, that everyone should get together and burn his house down.

    That’s called a criminal threat and IT’S A FELONY, you fucking idiot!

    You know what should be a felony? All the goddamn stupid Liberals defending this motherfucker, like he’s some poor persecuted guy! Now, even if we assume all the best things in his favor, there’s still a problem! Let’s assume those things and find out:

    He’s a good person
    He would never actually do such a thing
    He was just talking shit on Facebook
    He’s an activist against cops
    He is obviously being targeted by the cops

    Now that we’ve checked all our boxes, let’s see if we can spot the problem. Hmm…. Let’s look real hard now. OH, there it is, I found it!

    He committed an actual fucking serious-as-shit crime

    No matter what else you can say about the sonofabitch, there’s still that one nagging problem! Are you, my very left-leaning audience, suggesting that we should just let motherfuckers go when they commit crimes if it just so happens that they were also disliked by the cops?


    “Hey, that Black Lives Matter activist just got arrested!”

    “Yeah, he murdered his whole family with a nail gun.”


    “But… dude…. he actually did do something wrong. This is actually a situation where the cops are totally supposed to arres–”


    “Dude…. no, I’m totally with you guys, I just don’t think being an activist gives you the right to commit crim–”

    “YOU’RE A NAZI!” *punch to the face*

    And there you have it, the great Liberal discussion in America today! If the cops hate you, it’s totally cool to threaten their lives or just do whatever the fuck you want because when they come to arrest you for actually breaking the fucking law, you can just scream persecution and an army of twats will fall right in line behind you. And, heaven forbid, if someone on your side should happen to point out that you’re being a fucking retard, well they’re just clearly a statist with an agenda who supports the cops and racist who wants to see Treyvon Martin resurrected so the cops can kill him this time around instead of just a random douchebag with a tiny dick.

    Cops killing people is not good. We absolutely should be rising up against that and even blocking traffic and, hell, even having a goddamn riot about it! Do I think that a cop who murders someone deserves to have their house burned down? Abso-fucking-lutely! But do I think you should actually do it? Nope. More importantly, would I, having the opinion that they deserve it, just go ahead and name a cop that I hate while encouraging all of you to get together with me so that we can commit arson against him?

    No. I would not do that, because I have a fucking brain and I know what a criminal threat is. If I’m a black man, the cops already want to paint me as a criminal just for the mere fact of my existence, so how exactly does it fucking help anything for me to go commit a felony and make myself into the criminal that they said I was all along. That just makes them look right and when my compatriots rally to my defense for this, it makes my cause look like it’s fueled by weapons-grade autism!

    And this is why Liberals are losing. Black Lives Matter is an important cause, but you jackasses keep jerking your little entitlement-dicks and skeeting goddamn stupidity all over it!

    Every movement trying to fight injustice that has ever existed has been smart enough to distance itself from criminal elements in their midst. There are ALWAYS assholes in a movment and they are not your friends. People who run around talking about burning down a cop’s house aren’t in the fight because they want justice for black people, they’re in the fight because they hate cops, and that’s a shitty reason. You don’t WIN if you’re rooted in HATE. Hate always loses in the end; always. If you base your movement in hate, you’re already the losers.

    And from where I’m sitting, it seems like you guys are celebrating people who punch Nazis in the face and threaten to burn down houses. I know you’re supposed to be the good guys here, but you’re damn sure acting A WHOLE LOT like the bad guys…